Sunday, November 25, 2012

Food For Thought with CelebrationS

What is it like to be late for an appointment? Run! I promised to attend this meetup with fellow Keviians in Singapore Botanic Gardens for the Food For Thought and yet I unknowingly signed up for WriteCamp 2012 right before it. In the end, I have to skip a rather tempting drinking session and rush across half the island with bad traffic near Orchard area plus with a fault map-reading session bringing me all the way to little India for God-knows-what reason. In the end I reached alright, still in my sweater and sweating like mad but I ordered my meal still: Grilled Barramundi Fillet served in Basil Almond Pesto Sauce with creamy mashed potato and Ratatouille as sides, and a cup of hot chocolate to curb my hunger. The meal was actually quite nice, especially the fillet. It was rather sad because the portion of fish is definitely one part smaller than the usual course but it was tasty, especially the nicely grilled fish skin. The session was accompanied with talks and updates from each other until the very end when they actually did celebrate our birthday, which I thought was a joke initially. Each of us gets one cupcake with candle on it, four birthday boys and girls.

Right, this is my cupcake!

Later, of course we had photo taking session. It was supposed to be a G3 photo, then became a G photo, then in the end, it became the all-girls-come-in photo. So, yup!

Just a view of all the attendance on that day.

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