Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Spend Sunday Evenings?

28th of October, 2012

I had a date with Carmen, haha. Well, it all came down with me craving for someone to sing and play guitar with, and I won’t mind watching Step Up Revolution because I did not watch any of its previous ones. So we decided to have a good vegetarian lunch, which was sadly not achieved because the stall below JE MRT was not operating that day. In the end, I had this soup thing while Carmen had dessert.

After deposited Carmen’s guitar at my place and had meal, we headed towards the cinema. We were too early, and ended up getting some goods at a bakery and went for a drink at Mos burger. Now look at the bakery, it was filled with such interesting bread!

I’ve got the bread which was not bad and see how happy I was!

Not happy enough? Try this one: (All such photos thanks to Carmen who was fast enough to capture the moment! Open-mouthed smile)

We actually took a photo in the washroom! o.O The scene and pose was not intended but I am glad we actually looked happy in there.

Anyway, the movie was nice! It was fun to watch movie about dance because, I guess, because I can’t dance. The moves were so nice and cool. I think I should post a review somewhere. But the more fun stuff started after the movie because we get back to my house and we had a singing session. It was really a long-sought luxury. We got to sing really nice songs even though might not be professional standard. Happy day can be that simple!

Thanks Carmen for the photo!

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