Thursday, November 01, 2012

Officially 24


24. A number to indicate how many hours in a day. No, that’s not the point. It is about me. 1st of November 2012, I am officially 24. To think of that, I have survived 24 years on this earth and I strongly feel the urge to do something, something great or good or meaningful – like saving the world. It’s funny because I have been telling myself the same thing for a few years since I start to feel more responsible to the world and yet I am no hero. The way I see it, by saving the world does not mean I have to fly across a country to save a whole nation from a crisis. I just need to do good and do my best in equipping myself to be a good human being. So, I will continue my life with the same goal.

Other than that, I drew a drawing to celebrate Pleasure’s and my birthday, as most of the years. Unlike previous years, I included my parents. I am grateful to have my parents who celebrated all my birthdays gleefully. They actually sent me a message early in the morning! Even though we were all busy with our own schedule, they will never forget such a big day. And I am grateful they raised me up a kid that sees birthday as something fortunate. We don’t expect presents. We don’t expect parties. We do expect cakes because it is tasty but that is all. We made birthday celebration a kind of family happiness and a moment of celebrating our existence. And I think this feeling is wonderful.

Of course, I do thank all my friends who sent me birthday wishes by all means. That is very sweet of them and I should post some of them separately somehow. I don’t really feel very comfortable being in a crowd or being very social, but I do appreciate having people who still comes into my circle once a while despite my hostile ‘behaviour’, because by the end of the day, it was the experience with them that make things different, no matter I like it or not. I may not treat friends like most people do, but they are still occupying some space somewhere in the heart.

Seems like I have been talking quite a lot, talking nonsense. So, let me close this up by wishing myself a Happy Birthday and keep going!

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