Sunday, November 18, 2012

Volunteer at Buddhist Library Family Day

Remember I just had my first henna months ago? I had it again today, just that this time it is at a bigger scale. Carmen was asking if I am interested in helping out as a volunteer for some event – and I did not even ask what event was it except I know it was some Buddhist event. And I sort of emptied my day for it because I think it is a good way to spend my day and good experience getting the chance to paint on others. The photo above showed one of the design which I actually manage to paint despite my initial perception of it ‘not going to happen’.

And since my last henna experience was way back then, the starting a.k.a ‘trial run’ was not really okay. You could see it from the pattern I had on my hand and the skill. However, as time went by, I did rather well. My first customer was an old uncle who looked cool because he had like two ear studs in total. Oh wait, I think the first customer was another lady who asked me to write her name. But anyway, I met this little blonde girl who wanted a design and I said ‘I try’ when I started the painting and she actually says ‘It’s okay, just try the best you can’ and I smiled. And the sweetest thing was after I painted, she was so happy when she looked at her hand and said, ‘It’s pretty, it’s perfect!’. That is a satisfaction we are talking about, ha!

Anyway, I have no idea what kind of volunteer were we because we were actually given six dollar ticket to spend on our lunch each. It sounds a lot but since it was like a fundraising bazaar, some of the food was at an incredibly over-market-price status. We had corn cup and this interesting food called Kong Ba bao. In penang, we served Kou Rou with yam and man tou at the side, but here they put it together – and mind you, this is vegetarian.

And obviously I still feel hungry and I found this restaurant just beside the tent near Aljunied MRT, Penang Seafood Restaurant. Since Carmen wanted to have some vege, we went there. I tried the laksa and the smell was there. The part of taste and authenticity still needed some improvement though. I had lime with sour plum and Carmen had vege.

This is an interesting course of events Smile!

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