Thursday, November 15, 2012

What happened on my birthday?

It has been fifteen days since and I haven’t even tell in exact what happened on my birthday. It was not about cakes because many things happened on that very day. On my birthday this year, it was my first day on my new job as well. I was nervous and anxious for days before the job start because I don’t know what should I actually expect. I know the life will be tougher and partly I have put in a tiny bit of emotion to my old workplace. It was rather bad because I was again in the period of ‘exiting my comfort zone’ just like when I ended my NS – you know you are going somewhere for good but you are too cowardly for that. But I still went to work alright.

Early in the morning before going to office, Zhuangli, Kelvin and I went for a cuppa and Zhuangli passed me this – a planner. It was meant for my birthday but I treat it as also a good start for my new job because it is so linked! ‘Chaque jour est une bonne journée’ means ‘everyday is a good day’ and I guess that is a good mentality to brave everyday. Thanks Zhuangli for that!

However, the rest of the day did not really went as planned. I was informed on that day that I have to work extra hours to invigilate CA and also prepare for practicals. It was not really a memorable experience because I guess everything was new (stop right here). I had a late lunch, Subway to be exact. And I only get to go back to my lab in the evening for almost an hour and they were sort of having some snack time to welcome me but I have to give it a miss because the time to go for CA is near. So this is what happened, I missed my own welcome part on my first day on job, on my birthday. The invigilation went on well though and I have to cancel my planned squash session and go straight for ICN.

I missed a few programmes but managed to catch up while eating my dinner packed from hall dinner by my friends. The event was great and really gave me space to breathe a little after the day. And as we walked back to our block unit, I noticed Zhuangli was typing to Stephanie. I have to admit I did guess but it was not really surprising because Stephanie talked about anything on whatsapp – it could be just about some cats. But well, when I arrived at the doorstep, there it is, the pseudocake…

Check this out. I have got my present which is what I wanted. Stephanie did ask me what do I want for my birthday and I thick faced in replying her straightaway ‘SOCKS’. I would not wish people to feel the obligation to get me anything. To be truth, my parents did not give me birthday present for a very long time, except some soft toys they randomly got for me – because they bought me a lot of things that I need along my days. I would see that as an enough gift. So when someone asked me that question, I naturally thought that if they really want to get me something, it should be something I really need – like socks.

I am literally running out of socks all of the time. They kept on having holes in them and the bad thing about socks – you can’t sew them when the holes are underneath because it will just give more friction to your feet. I was complaining about it and even joke about needing socks from Santa but not even having a proper socks to put my Christmas list in. So, here are two pairs of socks that I’ve got – pink and blue – and fluffy (you can rub them on your face before anyone use it). Great present!

And of course, birthday celebration always comes with wishes and photos. I wished the same thing again and here are the photos. Thanks for either Zhuangli or Stephanie for all the photos. It is my birthday, so I obviously was not the photographer. Look at my adorable smile!

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