Friday, December 28, 2012

Italiano Dinner

The start of this particular dinner, came from a random talk. It was just a casual conversation and we sort of thought if it is possible that we have a full course meal at home and Kelvin took up the challenge – of course with the help of several others who keep on incubating the idea. So we decided on an italian-themed dinner, since the main chef will be Kelvin, whom by all means, looked up to Gordon Ramsay dearly. We prepared tiramisu the day before, which could be seen in the video. We whipped the cream and I helped out here and there, that kind of not-really-much kind of help. That explains how I get to video all the things down.

On that day itself, Kelvin revealed the recipe!

Several preparations were done before we gained momentum in the culinary.

Our appetizer was *drum roll* bruschetta. Yes, it is italian. We toasted the baguette (I know it is kind of French, deal with it.) and Kelvin prepared the toppings and we arranged them accordingly. Please give me a moment to admire myself for my wonderful presentation of the dish.

The main dish includes spinach salad, potato salad garnished with little tomatoes with pan fried fish. I have to say the one I’ve got is good, aesthetically and taste-wise.

Of course, how can a full course meal be without wine, right? We had rose wine, which was given to us during housewarming, chilled.

And with that, we toast ‘for better future’.

We ended our meal with dessert Tiramisu. Mine looked a bit too much with the cocoa powder as it was supposed to look like the second one. Nonetheless, I have no problem with it *chuckles*.

Photo album here.

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