Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Perhaps, my duty?

I did not really think it was a big thing or what when I came up with some philosophical question, or wisdom quotes, or geeky lines, or even funny pickup lines that I might not even use in my life, but someone’s comment had got me to think about it recently. I did get some ‘whoah’ compliment by others sometimes but that was really just a ‘whoah’ I thought. But the other day, someone commented ‘you are like a walking philosophical, geeky pickup line and wisdom quote’. I laughed at it but it really did get me thinking. To think of that, I was rather philosophical given that I am not even in anyway an official student of philosophy (I even yawned when I tried to look at their webcast); geeky, perhaps I have a little background in that; pickup lines, oh come on, I have no idea how I get this one; wisdom quote, perhaps I have done my readings? And I wondered how much I could use this as a chance for me to help those around me. Perhaps, it’s a gift for me to be able to instil things that I can see in those around me, and help them to appreciate what others can’t. Perhaps, it’s my duty – or a calling? I know I still want to do something solid, like research – but being able to use such lines in daily life with friends and family, it’s like what clowns do (not to me). They bring laughter by entertainment, and make the world seemed to be a better place. Though I don’t really like clowns, to be honest…

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