Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Please, Mr. Snowman

It started last year when I wrote my first short story for Christmas. I never thought of continuing it even though it feels fun to do it. This year, I thought why not make this an annual promise to at least write a piece every year. I still can’t guarantee I will be able to write annually, but I do have my work done this year. It was not really nicely done as I had a rather big transition at the last quarter of the year and I really had diminished amount of free time for writing. I shall elaborate more on that point in my resolution post, I supposed. But anyway, this year’s piece is titled ‘Please, Mr. Snowman’.

It was funny because I came out with a rough idea mentally quite early and even before Doctor Who’s Christmas Special title was announced. And coincidentally, the Christmas Special was ‘The Snowmen’. I watched it today and realized, in some way, my story had captured a certain similarity with the show – but I am pretty sure all the ideas I had inside is original. The story was actually accompanied by a drawing, which I guess I will only be able to upload once I get back to Singapore.

Here it is:

Please, Mr. Snowman

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