Thursday, December 05, 2013

Last Month of the Year

And yes, the surprise when a new month is announced was not very profound this time. One thing, Christmas decoration was up way too early, that they appeared right after Hallowe’en. Two, this is the season whereby most of us need to remember to get our tickets and apply for leave or pack for home. Three, you have gone through eleven of them and it doesn’t take too long for you to realize how much of a year you have spent.

It is a week into this new month and there are already a lot of things going on, my!

Here, I would like to record how I am rather pleased with myself for what I’ve done in the previous month, November.

I had a – a series of splendid birthday celebration with people around me. I am very very happy for that. Head over heels, if you ask me. In fact, I was really surprised that after I thought I needed nothing and hence in no need of present of any form, I still get quite some lovely gifts. This is really, really a great thanks to my friends! This made a milestone for me and another promise to contribute to the world. My birthday wish, as I mentioned, has not really come true yet, so far. I hope I live to the day when it happens, and more so, I hope I could be involved in contributing to it too. Let’s see…

We celebrated friends’ birthday as well, because I realize November babies are ridiculously a lot. Counting back showed to be around Valentine’s week, hehehe… I even attended a wedding in November. Time when peer’s weddings are coming up and will be more soon. I shall embrace myself, ha!

Semester is almost ending. I ate a lot of nice food, not to mention the amount of expenses on food. I am glad that I did not waste my money on unnecessary stuff, but spending too much on food did make me think I should really pay a bit attention on it in case it went way off.

November also marked the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who (okay, there’s a 10+ years gap in between, but the idea is there). I am yet to pen down my opinion over the special episode, which right now I can describe as YOWZAH!

I did finished the book Consilience by Edward O. Wilson. It was quite a challenge for me as my English was not, to start with, very good. I should write about it soon. I do post two science blog posts about The Science of Doctor Who and bactericidal nanostructure.

I do paint a bit and do quite some experiments. So, yes, life still goes on as usual, decorated with events, big or small, sprinkled around my life like fairy dust. Goodbye, November; Hello, December!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Movember November

So, let’s get back on the track of telling what I was blessed with this new chapter of my life. Ex-colleagues/friends/folks/peasants/whatever – I truly have no idea what should I call them, but they’re a bunch of nice people whom I don’t mind spending portion of my time with. We had a late celebration, which really blushes me because I didn’t think my birthday worth a special celebration for real.

And since I have been popping around their office playing pranks or pasting moustaches on cats calendars, I got one of my own masterpiece back on my card. I guess that’s how karma works, haha!

No matter how, for some strange reason, I received a lot of pink stuff this birthday. I secretly have some rebellious friends huh? And yes, they picked a pink card and tried decorating my name in pink. I am okay with this pink though. Plus, the interior was actually nice shade of blue.

Most of all, I like how I am crowned as the King Mouse-Bear here, being served tea by a lady bug and also a twittering bird bringing in the teapot. It sounds like a place as peaceful as the Shire. Sorry for losing myself into my imagination for a while…

And, of course, the essential part of this card is the messages. They were lovely and nice and funny. I was smiling all the way as I read them – even though they’re not essays… Thanks, mate!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who!

Happy Birthday, Doctor! Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who! (Supposed to be 23/11/2013)

Watched the 50th anniversary special, but not going to put that in here. In this one, I would like to write about my appreciation to a show who accompanied my journey for a few years and many more to come.

I would never have seen this coming, few years back, when I was so curious about this Doctor Who show that was mentioned so fervently on the internet. I was (and still) then a Potterhead. Someone was fangirling over David Tennant’s Barty Crouch Jr. character and I obviously has not a single clue. So when I first started to have a look at this show, it was Planet of the Dead. Surprisingly, I like the sciency part of it and I decided perhaps this show is something worth watching, never prepared of how big this thing was!

My life, certainly, has been changed in one way or another by things I learned from the show. Many fans focused on the friendship and companionship that was exhibited flawlessly in the show. I have to say I learned a bit of that part. However, I was intrigued, more on the philosophy part of the show. It gives me a way to look at my life. And I am terribly grateful for that opportunity. It was not just about the plot, but the work behind the scenes, that attracted me.

I used to be a person who thought movie or TV were rubbish. In my opinion, they served nothing but entertainment. But as I grew up, I realized how wrong I had been. Learning to extract the essence from these media, is an acquired taste, I would say. You won’t get it until one day you finally experience it and things are never the same again.

I am not a fan who will queue hours to buy the ticket, who will dress up as a Dalek during a comic-con, or who will write tonnes and tonnes of fan fiction over the character I liked (if I ever have), but I experience Doctor Who in a way that perhaps no one else has. Everyone has their own Doctor Who story anyway.

So, I would like to hereby thanks Doctor Who for such a great experience and looking forward to more of it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Science of Doctor Who with Professor Brian Cox

So since I’ve recently watched the televised programme, The Science of Doctor Who, in which Professor Brian Cox gave in the Royal Institution lecture hall. I wrote about it in my science blog since it is something to do with that discipline. Here is the video for your entertainment:

Young Black Jack

So, one of these days, I went back to re-read the Black Jack Surgeon’s manga and remembered of this movie which I watched quite a few years back. Conveniently, I managed to find youtube videos of it. You know it is difficult to get foreign film in your local store when it is not really popular? But anyway, I hope the link will work just fine (at least they are as of now). In this movie, it is about Burakku Jakku – which was Kuro’o Hazama (in manga) but Tokio Hazama in the movie. The background story of BlackJack has also changed: instead of being bombed to pieces by some abandoned bomb, it was a terrorist bomb attack. In this story, his mother was not totally dead. And of course, his hair was not white until the very last part of the story. His house was adapted into an underground place instead of the manga’s hilltop house. But well, the story set when he was in his 6th year in medical school, so it would make sense that he was not settling at the hilltop yet. Okay, I think I said too much on the plot, so I am posting the links here…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lovely Card from Friends

So the first card I received for my birthday was actually from Zhuangli and Stephanie, during the eating session in Marché. They were very kind because they even asked me about my birthday like months ago. And they asked if I needed anything. I would like to know what I need because I can’t think of anything that I really need or want, so in the end I just asked for a slice of fresh cream cake, big enough to be shared by the three of us. In the end we didn’t actually found that cake, but everything was perfect enough. I enjoyed a brunch that I wouldn’t have gotten myself, with company and this very lovely card. It is very special because it is handmade by recycling material. It’s a cereal box actually, with all the stickers and random stuff. It felt like a scrapbook, haha. And, of course, the usual ‘essays’ that is the result of graduating from university, an ability you gather along the education.

One good thing about this card is that I can hang it on my wall too! It is now among all the wallpapers in my room, next to the balloon.

A Warm Pinky Birthday from Boatmates

What was the difference that happened to my birthday along the years, was that from having my birthday celebrated by my family, it was celebrated by schoolmates, then hall friends and then when my fellow boatmates (some of them) came to Singapore due to several reasons, I get to celebrate my birthday with them again! We used to do things like handmade birthday billboard, or funny surprises. There was once they did a birthday celebration right under my nose, in my house with the excuse of ‘passing notes to me’. This time, it was coupled with a Marché outing with Stephanie and Zhuangli and we went for SEA Aquarium (using the free tickets!).

What I was given was this alien-like creature that turned out to be a piggy bank wrapped inside these gloves. Looked pretty cute, with or without the glove – even though it’s not my usual m.o. to use pink. I am slotting coins in that owl nowadays. They knew owls are one of my favourite animal – hipster much!

Besides, I was given these books. They were so Parisian. They got me so many different sizes because ‘they don’t know which one I’ll need’. How thoughtful of them. I will be making full use of them in future. I’m still using my exercise book for logs, but I can do small notes in these.

Moreover, all these goodies were wrapped in this rather sweet pink. I like this one because it is partly blue and looked cartoon-ish. Not sure if I get to bring this out, but really thanks a lot for the gifts. These were surprises given that I didn’t expect any gift since I didn’t need any actually. It’s a bonus, haha.

Little Amelia Pond

Since it has been quite some time since I update my art. This one is drew really long time ago. I was wondering how to draw red hair. This is apparently a bad example but at least a practice that make sense and could improve my sensitivity to colours.

Little Amelia Pond (My Version) by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Four Fingers and Vietnamese Noodle

Saturday, I was very honoured to be accompanied by Shiny who actually worked half day and came all the way to Orchard to watch Ender’s Game with me. Other than the movie, we get to try on Four Fingers as our lunch. The queue was preposterous, as what I’ve heard from my peers. I ordered the combo meal of wings and drumettes while she ordered one-drumstick-three-wings combo meals.

And we posed with the food, with me trying to exhibit the four-finger, in my own way. That’s a bit of pseudo-Spock. Haha!

The food was quite good. It was not the usual fried chicken and I ordered soy garlic. It was a bit too salty, from my perspective, but tasty. According to Shiny, this is the kind of fried chicken they sell in Korea. I had seaweed fries, which was quite good too. I would say the chicken is the main attraction.


Later, after the movie, we had a go in the food court and I tried this Vietnamese Cold Noodle Salad. It was quite nice, given that you are used to the Vietnamese food smell of course. They have this very special sauce that almost gave every dish taste. This particularly was actually accompanied by BBQ chicken, which I finished up too fast.

A Preview: The Day of the Doctor

So here is a preview on ‘The Day of the Doctor’ on BBC Children in Need 2013. Obviously I didn’t watch it on the TV because I don’t have one. I watched it through this same Youtube. I’m sure you should hold your steps just here if you don’t want any spoilers, otherwise, forward.

So in this, we get a glimpse of Eleventh with his fez, his most recent companion Clara and also some interesting scenes on a painting. It has been quite a lot of paintings introduced into the trailers, hasn’t it? Well, there will be Queen Elizabeth I and they certainly don’t have an Instagram yet, so painting was (and still is, in my opinion) the in thing. Near the end, you get to watch Tenth with the fez, though. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Meet with Ernest Zacharevic


On the 22nd of October, Michelle and I planned to try our luck in meeting Ernest Zacharevic, in which our registrations were rejected due to overwhelming response. But because we were still encouraged to meet him, we decided to pop by and see how it goes. So, after having a short swim, I rushed to meet Michelle and walked to Pisang Lane, a lane next to Penang Lane (or some sort). It was an event organized by amcasia.

Turned out that they still have seats available and we were only ten minutes late for the talk. So we stepped in. Michelle was too busy looking at the pictures, while I almost noticed the food the first thing I entered the room. Sorry, speaker.

But anyway, the presentation consists of Ernest Zacharevic sharing his views on his arts and inspiration. In case you have no idea, he is the first few artist who made the Penang Georgetown street art, which Carmen and I fervently tracked down months ago.

It was interesting to know how he did fine art and went into street art. It was something very different from me. He enjoys interaction with audience through art and expressions. Me, however, is not very open with expressing outwardly. To paint a painting on a wall, for me, is like exposing my inner world to the public (as though putting them on Internet made any difference, haha). But yea, I guess I haven’t meet the zen of doing street art for I only did that few wall-painting things in my life so far.

I liked how he accepted and rejoice in the impermanence of street art. They get vandalized, fade away, painted over… For him, it is not really a big tragedy. And that makes me think that’s how we always looked at our life. We can do great things or have great moments, and they are not always permanent. What’s important is that it happened, and you know it’s true.

I never thought I would learn anything interesting from the talk except looking at art, but I guess I learn something about life through it as well. Not to mention, I do enjoy the food after the talk, and witness beer flowing from a tap. I know, I’m really that hermit.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Whovember, Here I Come!

I know it’s just the start of November, but I am too excited for this month will feature the return of Doctor Who series, particularly the 50th anniversary episodes with eleventh doctor regenerating into twelfth, on 23 November 2013!

But of course, that is future. I should write down what happened in October, not November. Blimey!

This month was filled with barbeques. Thanks to one of the member leaving to Scotland, some of the people missed him so much that we must have more than the usual amount of gathering. I was of course happy because of the food, haha!

I finished the book Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It was a great read. And wrote about some research on treatment for Ebola virus.

I started my October with a non-paid commissioned request for drawing something. It was a great experience, even though that comes with a certain amount of pressure. Drawing with certain guidelines is afterall not the same as a freestyle drawing. For that, I learned a lot about discipline. And today, I met the person and the comment was ‘It was great, it actually captured what we wanna show’. I was pretty happy that at least it is not as bad as I imagined. I am grateful for that experience and trust.

Not just that, I was able to find a reader for my previous writing work and get some good critic. That is not exactly a work of October, but happened in October. I felt so lucky to be able to listen to useful words.

I get to have a chance with meeting Ernest Zacharevic, the Georgetown Street Artist, thanks to Michelle’s persistence. It was a great meet and an eye-opener.

I ended my last four days of October being stuck in the Singapore Red Cross Association, not because I was forced (thankfully). And after some revision of what we learned from secondary school and some revised policy and techniques, I am now a certified occupational first aider, CPR and AED operator. I am not entirely experienced, but that’s not the reason why I should lessen my effort in giving out help.

Other than that, October went pretty eventful.

Not just that, I started November with a blast too!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hello everyone,

It is almost ten days since October started and most people singing 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' by Green Day, realizing we are now stepping into the last quarter of the year. In most of the Harry Potter books, this is the month when the signs and symptoms of an adventure is starting to escalate, trolls and Triwizard Tournament. And this is my time to remind myself of a month has passed and another is coming.

September, was a great month.

I regret to say I haven't post much about Science or any other things. But that was not a regret nonetheless. In fact, thanks to the sorrow I wallowed the month before, I was more aware of my own progress and worked well to keep myself on track. I finished Quiet by Susan Cain and just completed Spillover by David Quammen, late last night. I definitely spend time reading more article to get myself equipped. So, I am rather pleased of myself. 

But let not these things slow me down as I know more effort is needed as I journey through mountains and oceans, some served as challenge, guidance, reminder and any elements that is needed to mould me. If final product is a statue, I am merely a cut out stone, waiting to be roughly carved, then structured, then detailed, then painted, then seasoned. It is a long way to go.

I get to go out with friends but not as overwhelmingly unhealthy as I was scared of. I think I pretty much start to get a hang of balancing things out. I even went for a beach volleyball session which turned out to be rather relaxing. I could never imagine I had another chance to swim in the sea, and there I was - swimming in the sea. 

I do spend more on food now that I think I should take care of my health instead of putting too much pressure on saving. Don't get me wrong, saving is important, but not to the extend of compromising my health and current quality of life. 

And that's all. I conclude I had a satisfied September and is looking forward to all that is unfolding in October!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Guilin

If you haven’t read much of my blog, I would like to introduce to you one of the series I have been (not-so-successfully) writing about my after-graduation trip around Singapore here. There was once I went to this Little Guilin near Bukit Batok. It was a lovely place, even though it was small. I was simply amazed by how close am I with the nature and the lake/pond and the stone hill. And months later, I drew this out of my admiration of that place:

Little Guilin by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

My Not-So Grad Trip

This is a post showing a collection of journey I had taken this last summer, which in fact was one half day trip. I had not been planning for a grad trip, due to several reasons such as finding a job, lack of financial support and simple because I think touring somewhere is not as cool as staying somewhere for study. I was literally rotting in house due to everyday routine of *TBE*
Half Day In Singapore Series: (Album here)
Armenian Church
Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
Central Fire Station
Church of Sts Peter and Paul
Masonry, National Archive, Peranakan Museum Et cetera
National Arts Council & Fort Canning Park

Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Cricket Club

Tour with Priscillia Series:

Bukit Batok Nature Park

National Museum of Singapore Architectural Tour


Owl’s Eye

There was once I was inspired by the eye, and an eye of an owl. Eye as the window to one’s soul. That’s why I can’t usually stand having eye contact with people. It felt very exposed, piercing. Now, I could remind myself to maintain eye contact if I was forced to or during important occasion. It was part of survival. But the eye contains so much mystery…

Owl's Eye by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

I hope you like it. This one is not very realistic, I was just fancy colouring the yellowish part of the eye. XD

Cups (Anna Kendrick)–Cover

I like this song and the way she sang it. The chords are quite easy, just that I can’t sing that high, so I transposed the chords down a bit(not exactly a bit):

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mooncake Festival

Yesterday was the official day for mooncake festival, but celebrations I attended were way before that…

Earlier of the lunar month, I shared some mooncakes with colleagues to celebrate such festives with the group. It is a social thing, but turned out to be a platform for me to learn about different mooncakes and food, as it always does. We had tea, which is so traditional.

The volleyball team had another ‘mooncake under the moon’ session the day before yesterday. We had it on a volleyball court, with snacks and mooncakes and one zhu long bing per person, like the photo below. It was nice, because that was so casual. I left the zhu long bing until yesterday for consumption, just to celebrate it right on that day.

Afterall, zhu long bing was the only mooncake I eat when I was a kid.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Awesome August?

Is my August awesome?

I would like to say ‘pretty much so’, but that might not be entirely precise. My august must have been imbued with too much fun that it slipped through so quickly. That is, to the extend that I think I had too much fun and did nothing much in terms of important stuff. I can say I have been reading, studying or whatever – but there are no proof of me gaining any knowledge and I think that is a good reminder to myself to balance my life better for my future.

On the same track, I did not manage to write a science post this August. Shame.

Most of the time, that I could remember, which I spent in August, were meet ups. I think I really need to know where to put my priority now. In order to neutralize the energy-draining socializing activities, I pumped in more nap time to energize myself. Hence, it was a reduction of time, from both sides!

This past month, was a classic example of short-term happiness. Yes, I do feel happy and awesome along the month, but at the end of the day I will ask myself ‘What had I done?’. I shall plan my life as such that I will equilibrate my short-term happiness and long-term happiness.

I will end my post thus far. Wake me up, when September ends.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Cover: Body in a Box by City and Colour

I know of people who thought of death as a jinx. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t say I am fearless towards the unknown as well, but that is not a reason to not talk about it. It is because I know life could be uncertain that I appreciate each and every moment of my existence.

However, this post is not about philosophy. I simply find the song nice and the chords are okay, so I made a cover out of it. Before that, let me share a quote:

After all, to the well-organised mind,death is but the next great adventure.

– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


my sister lives on the mantelpiece: warm and sad story


When I bought this book, I never thought this will be the book that bawls my eyes out just as how I did when I read The Prince’s Tale in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher is definitely not a cannonades of vocabulary or flowery languages. It is a simple storytelling, from a boy’s perspective.

Jamie stays with his father and sister, Jas. Jas’ twin sister, Rose, was killed in a terrorist attack years back, leaving a family broken since. From what was read, it is known that the relationship between his parents languished, ended up with a divorce where his mother went on with another man from a support group. His father was rather alcoholic at times and may have ignored his responsibility sometimes, as a father. Jas was undergoing her teenage phase, wanting to walk out of Rose’s shadow. The whole family was struggling, his mother simply went on. And there was a hostile sense from his father, against Muslims due to the misperception by most of the world. The story slowly developed when Jamie made a friend, Sunya, who is a Muslim.

The storyline talked a lot from Jamie’s thought. He saw what made the family members’ heart ache, even though his character could not understand. But through the expressive gesture, readers could feel the pain biting parts and parts of the family, as though of an intention of crumbling it down. Jamie was too young when Rose passed away, causing him difficulties to understand what was others going through. But near the end of the story, he experienced lost and he finally cried. I find this honest.

In the end, the family decided to take measures to move on and let go. They are not the perfect kind of perfect people, but they would want to try to continue their life in another way.

If I were to tell you the synopsis at all, you wouldn’t feel the intensity – just like how I didn’t thought of it much after reading some reviews. It was when I read every line of the words, the emotions, the honesty, that made me feel so much.

So, I definitely recommend this book – but please don’t read it when you’re depressed, for real.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rare Teatime and Sumptuous Dinner

This is something rare because it is extremely hard to get Sharlene out for a chat and this time, she called me up.

Just came back from her leave, she dropped by and we settled some official stuff and had lemon with aloe vera drink from Science canteen. Get to talk to her more and of course trying to foresee where we will be in future, totally awesome and cool brief meet up.

Dinner was great!


Because it was free, BBQ, served, and with variety. Since we won quite some money for the games, we could afford really quality food instead of cheap processed normal sausages. We had baguette and herbs loaf, salad, sweet potatoes, corn, salmon, mushrooms and many more. I can’t remember how many brownies I ate. I didn’t get to the alcohol because I am not with a bunch of people I’m familiar with – plus, I’m a total-alcohol-waster. I get a lot of sodas though. I appreciate the graduate students preparing the food and the time being with fellow people. Cool!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fall On My Knees

Wednesday frisbee, I literally fall on my knees.
I was chasing the frisbee, dashing for the last few seconds, hoping I could get my hands on the plate, yet I didn’t make it. I fall flat, knees first, hands second. I thought it would be a normal abrasion injury but something was not right when I got back up, I felt my knee in pain. I got bruises for it, but not sure if it was something as severe as to need to see a doctor.
I nursed a night and went for some game on Thursday, to test the water.
It hurts tremendously at first, but as warming up came, things were getting okay.
At least, it is now day four and I think it is recovering quite well except bruises and bad limbs. I was even thinking to myself, what if this mean an end to my sports life? What if I am meant to live the rest of my life not doing anything faster than walking? And I told myself if that was what it meant to be, there is nothing I could do. So, I do my best in nursing the injury and leave the rest for nature to take its course.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lunch at Saporé Italiano

Today after finishing our supposed preparation, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice meal and thought of the western food in business side, but we ended up in UTown with too many squeezing-bus school kids. So we decided to have our lunch in this restaurant instead. It seems to be an expensive choice but by sharing, we had our fair share.

We started with baked rice and then all the pizzas were served. We had a pesto bread. It is superb, partly because I  like pesto. Chicken tomato pizza is nice, though quite common in my opinion. The last one is bella italiano pizza. I loved it with the mascarpone, sun-dried tomatoes and everything forming the combination.

It was a super-full lunch, which send me too much energy to dash through my experiments after that.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of the Sem in Prep Lab

Yesterday morning, I went into the recently-shifted prep lab to be greeted,"Morning, prep lead – you’re now a senior, not a junior anymore.” I then remembered my co-lead had to be late due to another schedule.

This is exactly what I learned along my working life: being junior or new, seems not to be a mature excuse for not knowing anything. When I first joined the lab, I was expected to understand how the whole thing work within a week and manage the whole flow within a month. By the end of the day, I realized my ability is partly depends on how fast I can stop using ‘I’m a junior’ as a reason.

This time, it is official that I am recognized as a senior and being trusted with the role to lead a preparation. However, I appreciate how the others gave me so many useful tips and suggestions that I could refer to when I am planning the flow, and also most importantly the experienced co-lead I had. We started with a bit of hurdle since we were in quite a chaos with all the things put in different places due to shifting. But after a while, we slowly get used to it and manoeuvred the way we work according to the space given. We still miss our old place, but this is what we are left with.

I have to thank for being lucky for I am teaching a not-so-junior junior. She knows her stuff and the whole process pretty much felt like both of us revising the practical rather than a one-way education. I like that. Plus, we did it quite quickly.

Alas, we are not done just yet because we still have so many weeks ahead. I will take this post as an opportunity, to dare myself to learn from these.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An End to a 4-Day ‘Holiday’

While I sit here, waiting my hair to properly dry itself, I would write an end to this four-day-holiday, which I succeed in preventing myself from going to lab. I spent the first day of the holiday resting at home, reading and relaxing. I had Friday with my high school boatmate, eating good food and have some study time like a student in UTown. Saturday, I went MacRitchie with fellow boatmates and Zhuangli and spend the rest of the day resting. Today (an hour plus ago/Sunday), I went for Raya lunch at Lydia’s and met Thomas, then I had some play time with Hazel, Ek Theng, Sharlene – and Nugget. Many things happened and I had came up with a few more philosophical ideas. I am thinking of writing my view down in posts in the future…

So these are a super-summary of my ‘holiday’ and it’s time to sleep well for Monday!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

August Pocus(t)!

When I count down for every month, I feel time passing by fast yet slow. I recognized the swiftness of each month passing by as I update a post, yet I know how slow it could be when I put myself in a life to be as full as it could be before the next month kicks in. But in this timeline, we are moving forward, and what has to come has to come.

In July, nothing especially special happened. I had meet ups, I witnessed Elaine’s baptism, I missed my friends’ commencement and lots of other things.

I finished Ender’s Shadow, which made the foundation to watch Ender’s Game solid *awaits the movie*.

I did wrote about bats and hummingbird pollination, and plastisphere.

So August started with a blast of meet ups as well. And without even saying ‘hello’, the first week was gone and I am now enjoying the long weekend which is the second weekend of August. I had a Joyous July and I want to make my August Awesome, how about you?

Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant

As part of my Hari Raya holiday mood, I decided to enjoy one good meal near my place. Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant that is situated near West Coast Community Centre that I passed by most of the time. It was not a shop with big billboard, nor is it a shop that makes its appearance known by large scale. Perhaps that is why it is rather quiet today, on a public holiday. I think I do remember it was rather popular for night diner though.

Anyway, I ordered a Pork Bulgogi set. It comes with – tada – 11 side dishes, even though I was alone. I was served with a jug of ice water, self service along the course. The dishes are nice!

At the end of the meal, I was given a slice of orange and a sweet drink that taste like cinnamon. I Googled it and it might be SuJeongGwa.

The whole meal, inclusive of tax, cost SD14.10. It is not the usual student Korean meal price, but I take it for the restaurant’s serenity and the sides. Worth a try!

Selamat Hari Raya!

It’s Hari Raya today, when my Muslim friends will break their fast and celebrate! For me, other than celebrating that, I celebrate the start of a four-day weekend as well. What should I do with such a luxury then?

I have a couple of things in hand to do, I want to make full use of these days, to rest well, recharge, study well, train well and perhaps decorate it with a few social activities here and there, nothing too strenuous is preferred.

First morning, I gave myself a leeway to sleep for as long as I could and woke up only at 9am. THAT was great. And I went through my morning rituals as usual with an extra stunt, I did a video – a total random video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Twelfth Hour

“For the last of the Time Lords, the clock is striking twelve."

Some time ago, Matt Smith, who stars the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, announced his exit during the Christmas Special or rather the 50th Anniversary episode during which his generation of doctor will regenerate into the new doctor. Since then, speculations and hypes were in the air of who will step into the big shoes next?

Putting my own experience in, this will be the real first time a change in doctor in my time. I did not start watching Doctor Who until 2012, second semester of my third year. By that time, Matt Smith was already The Doctor. The first Doctor Who episode I watched was of Tenth. Because, David Tennant was why I know about Doctor Who – it came from my Harry Potter fandom. However, I did not considered him as my first Doctor but Ninth. I proceed to watch from the start of the 2005 series, which made me seeing Ninth as my first Doctor. When he changed to Tenth, it was too short of a life time and I haven’t even sink in. And Tenth’s era was too long and I started to get bored at some point. Do take note that this is due to me watching all of the series in one go, that is a valid reason to get bored even though it was nicely written. Then when it goes to regeneration into Eleventh, I have already halfway into the fandom. It remembered my first reaction was ‘who’s that potato who acted as The Doctor?’. Apparently, Matt Smith’s face might be too much of a contrast in comparison to Tennant’s. However, Smith’s professionalism and skills caught my attention and I remained liking his version of Doctor until – I have no idea, still liking his Doctor.

No matter how, there is always a time when you have to leave and I reckon for Matt Smith, it is time. You can’t keep going on and on and on and people will just get ‘urgh’ and despite the notion of missing Eleventh, I prepared for Twelfth.

And it is funny how I am writing this as it is approaching twelve.

Sunday, 5th August 2013 7pm British time, the Twelfth Doctor was revealed as Peter Capaldi. I thought of Giuseppe Garibaldi actually – well. Just like Matt Smith, I have no solid idea who he was and what he did. I guess that was a good thing. Now I could remember his appearence in Pompeii but that was all. He appeared like this at the promo shoot, which I like a lot:



First, you can’t miss that blazer. Blue blazer, that’s cool – Navy blue/Prussian blue blazer, that’s awesome! The clothes matching brings out the TARDIS-ness. And the first thing I saw Peter Capaldi’s photo, I saw a trace of William Hartnell, the sort-of-‘sinister’ look/smile, the mystery inside a Time Lord. He looked crazy, which is a legitimate reason to be joyful and with the hand position. Not showing the whole face, as though holding something back. Superb photography.

And when I saw the video:

Great, even the way he spoke seems nice! So not to put my hopes to high to fully enjoy the thrill, I am now calming my emotions and go with the wind(the show).

I will miss all the Doctors before and awaits excitements and adventures ahead. Geronimo!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Advice to a Young Scientist

This is about a book review about a book named 'Advice to a young Scientist' by Sir P. B. Medawar, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery work in 'discovery of acquired immunological tolerance'. 

In this book, Sir Medawar wrote what he view as good advice for young scientist and also mentioned some common concerns about being a scientist. In the case of Sir Medawar, he is talking for scientist in general, as in without specific field. However, having his background from the life sciences, it was an inspiration to learn some wisdom from the master. He deflates the myth of genius, intelligence, superiority in a life of being scientist, instead he thinks what thrives are those who are curious, with common sense and inquiring mind. That was especially emphasize in the chapter of whether one was cut out as a scientist. 

Not only that, Sir Medawar went on in giving advice on different aspect of a scientist' life such as presentations, paper, character and even development around other fellow scientists, be it younger or older. 

Why I like this book is that it is a truly down-to-earth advice book, without much flattery or colourful words. I could feel the truthfulness of his advice and their practical-ness. If you are a scientist, or if you are planning to be one, or if you want to understand what it is like to be a scientist, this is a great book. The advice might not be able to apply hundred percent on someone from another field, but there are some which are quite useful even though as a person.

Will I recommend it? Yes, definitely!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

KEFamily June 2013 Meetup

As many says, we usually treasure things when they are no longer around – that’s plain human. And that is how you really feel when you started to drift away from your circle once graduated from university due to different life, different time, different circle, different location and several other reasons. And this June, the usual KEFamily decided to have a meetup. We wanted to make it a monthly event, but like the G3 meetup, many things need to be done to really make that happen! This time round, we decided to meet at Black Canyon Coffee.

I had coffee frost with Salmon added with spicy thousand island.

Just by talking at one place is too mainstream. We decided to get over to Star Vista’s Awfully Chocolate for dessert! Gavin ordered a butterscotch drink, which is quite milky.

I had a sinful slice of white chocolate butterscotch cake. It is really sweet but great dessert! I like it, except I can’t see how I can eat it everyday.

Other than that, photo time!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Book

Oskar Schell, an eleven-year-old with Asperger’s losing his father during the 9/11. That was what the film focused, but not the book, which is why I dislike the book less. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close explored first the inner world of Oskar’s mind by projecting briefly life before ‘the worst day’ with his father and after, in which his father never came back. And the adventure began as he found a note written ‘Black’ in his father’s wardrobe when he was trying to reminiscing his father’s memory. What is fine in this book is that it did not focus too much on the internationally hot event. Rather, it was just mentioned at ‘the worst day’. Instead, the conjecture of the plot, at least for Oskar’s part, pointed to the emotion one has to deal with in response to a lost. And in this case, Oskar may not show the usual cry and grief kind of drama because that was not how his emotional world works. Besides, his thoughts were mixed with something else: the secret of the last few call messages of his father. The secret was so heavy that he carried with him almost along most of his journey, at least for the early half of the book. However, I do say the Jonathan Safran Foer’s image of Oskar was not very accurate at time. Yes, people with Asperger’s always have a lot of things in their mind, complicated. But Oskar seems to be too old for his age in terms of thinking sometimes. It was as though Foer accidentally let himself slipped into his character here and there along the story. But generally, in terms of the voice and emotion, Foer did well and it could capture some attention.

But then, things didn’t go well for the whole book, did it?

For me, Foer’s book loses its attraction when it comes to the subplot. It may be a style of writing, by adding backgrounds for another character as a subplot. It was a great thing to understand how Oskar’s grandmother and grandfather acted in Oskar’s time by flashbacks of their past. However, to some point, it was so heavy that the whole book started to lose focus. Plus, this part is lengthy.

On the other note, I do like the way the book was designed where there were some visualization of what was going on in the plot such as the paper Oskar found in the stationery shop, the pages that were filled with correction circle, the pages when the words showed how confusing Oskar’s inner world has become. These are some plus points that attracted me, personally.

These are some examples of how Foer capture story-telling techniques not just by words:

Photos taken from here.

Overall, this is a good book to read on – at least for Oskar’s part.

Selected quotes:
“I regret that it takes a life to learn how to live.”
“So many people enter and leave your life! Hundreds of thousands of people! You have to keep the door open so they can come in! But it also means you have to let them go!”
“I felt, that night, on that stage, under that skull, incredibly close to everything in the universe, but also extremely alone. I wondered, for the first time in my life, if life was worth all the work it took to live. What exactly made it worth it? What's so horrible about being dead forever, and not feeling anything, and not even dreaming? What's so great about feeling and dreaming?”
“I tried the key in all the doors, even though he said he didn't recognize it. It's not that I didn't trust him, becuase I did. It's that at the end of my search I wanted to be able to say: I don't know how I could have tried harder.”

Sunday, July 07, 2013

July: The Second Half

Happy Penang Heritage Day!

Yes, it is indeed a public holiday in Penang, Malaysia. But I am not there, so I am excluded from all the excitement and nice food. Two years ago, same day, I graduated from NUS as well, as an undergraduate. I did not score very well, I was happy to have my family around for my commencement, but I wasn’t very happy with my bad-beings during my undergrad life. It was a painful period of time, and I am still trying to walk out of that shadow.

Well, let’s hold the penitence just there. This post is about half a year has gone.

As we busied our way through our daily life, time has passed. The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom might tell about how it is bad that human started to fear the sensation of ‘time running out’, but in my opinion, it is more of how that will remind the pea-brain of human’s to be aware of living a fulfilling life. As I hopped around the lab, learning and stumbling – little did I notice that 50% of the year had just crossed itself out. I do know that it was June already as how I recorded every month, but June brushed pass me as lightly as I realize.

In June, I shifted the lab with fellow lab members. It was a tremendous experience, mixed with good and bad part of it. Its remnants still linger now. I learned a lot through this event, no doubt. Just after moving in, the haze came to Singapore – yes the serious hazardous haze.

It was at first thought to be some normal haze occurrence as what Singapore always had annually. However, this year, due to many factors, it was really bad. The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) rose from a normal range until the hazardous range. I cancelled all my outdoors due to it. I can’t even breathe inside my own room, on my bed. Even in an indoor lab, we could smell the burned smell all day long. It is unpleasant. There was a N95 mask fiasco around for some time before the wind came to rescue. It blew the haze away from Singapore and arrived through Malaysia. I called back Penang to ask my parents to be ready with their mask if it worsen. It did get worse, though in Penang it was not as bad as other part of Malaysia. N95 masks were also sold out in Penang. My mum did get to buy some after that but that was when the haze was not that bad anymore. I asked her to keep those extras in case of this ‘annual’ event.

Anyway, the haze stood between our softball matches for Usport. In the end, we did finish the game. I played on Padang, SRC for a second year. Being a team which didn’t train together, I did not expect much of it, but there were mistakes that could have been done better. That gave me more alert of ‘give your 100% no matter what you do – perhaps except giving blood’. But the precious thing about this year round, I get to know other hall team member better. We ended up with jump shots on Padang. I hope we will play together more often. I treasure the relationship we had there.

Randomly, I do get surprises on my way home like this:

I went to the dentist, which I mentioned in my previous post. I had a couple of meet ups with friends, which I reckoned to be a vital part to maintain my social circle. Not just that, one of my high school boatmate came to Singapore as well. Soo Ling and I managed to meet up and check on her so far.

In between, I finished quite a few books and posted about how oleocanthal could be used to prevent Alzheimer’s. Not to mention Matt Smith’s announcement to leave Doctor Who, with his incarnation of the Doctor regenerating end of this year during the Christmas special.

So that’s for June and I shall start my another 50% of the year with more meaningful things to do!

Friday, June 28, 2013


This past Wednesday was the first time I visited a dentist in Singapore. Personally, I was not familiar with the healthcare benefit in Singapore. In Malaysia, if you are a student, you get almost equal to free medical support in school clinics, but in Singapore – you might want to check it out if they charge you at an expensive price. For the locals here, the price might be reasonable or get-used-to, but for a foreigner like me who save by scraps, it is rather something I need to calculate about. But the day has come when I felt there was something wrong with my wisdom tooth. It chipped and left a hole there!

My first reaction was ‘oh no!’, because it means I need to visit a dentist (which I am not truly fond of) and I have to pay. So far as I know, iMediCare does not cover dental fees (which later I found something else). But it is about teeth and it IS of my wisdom tooth, which could aggravate if I ignore it. So, thinking that since I was in school, I called up the school dental clinic for appointment.

‘Our clinic is a private clinic hor.’

That was one of our conversation. I did not care much as all I wanted to do was to settle my tooth. Things went on as usual until the day before the appointment when I was wondering what if I can’t afford the fee. What if after everything, I realize I have to eat nothing for months and lose all the meagre savings that I saved from cutting down my eateries? But it is about my tooth – I can’t just ignore.

I checked with my senior who is in fact a dentist already. He offered his clinic which I initially didn’t mind in visiting but the location was just too far. In the end, I did consult him about the fees and how the procedures of visiting dental clinic in Singapore. I appreciate all the kindness. To be truth, after knowing him for years and working with him through activities, his character and as a person gave a no doubt in trusting him as a dentist I would visit in future, so I will take note of that – even though *touch wood* that might means my teeth is not okay.

Anyway, I went early that day for my appointment and filled up my particulars. It turned out I had TWO cavities. What a shame! It was quite embarrassing because I asked ‘how much’ when he asked if I wanted to fill them. I was just worried if I will go bankrupt just for a dental service. In fact, the dentist suggested me to extract my wisdom tooth, considering that is growing long. I was even told there were two wisdom teeth that are halfway and hence would need a surgery. Of course, I would not want such a surgery at such a moment so I decided to do the filling just for the moment.

I paid eighty dollars per tooth filling in the end.

But one of the good things is, I get to claim it through HealthChoice, which I usually used to claim my flight tickets. After all, this is the kind of thing I have to fix, so – no choice.

So, this is my first time visiting a dentist in Singapore.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Great Perhaps: ... is perhaps great?

The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno has taken me by surprise as I thought it was just another teenage read. Judging the book by its cover, I could see it is a book catered for teenagers and wondered if it is an adventure-centric story. The story took off from a setting of a family, which I thought was boring at first, but what comes after that displayed a gravity that supported my reading till the end.

Even though this book is of what happened within a family, it detailed to each individual with their own life and concerns and how these affected those around them and in return affecting their own life again. It is just like - Life! It describes the inner emotions of various individuals not usually by their inner thought, but by their actions. Little things they did that could tell so much more about the real world they were living in from the character's perspective.

However, I do feel a bit skeptical with the final chapter when all of sudden everything seems to come into place and we've got a happy ending. It feels cozy and warming - and happy, but it does feel a bit abrupt and contrived.

My personal opinion, this book is a read-once-and-it-is-enough kind.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Album to the Compilation

This is just a news too long ago, but music accompany me most of the time, even though I do like nature sound. After selecting for quite some time, I finally bought in two CDs, to show my appreciation to the music creator. I get The Origin of Love by MIKA and Babel by Mumford & Sons.

Why did I get these?

First, I like their music. Second, their album has higher number of songs that I like. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that others are lousy. It just so happen that most of the time, a certain album will have some really nice song, but there are only one or two of them and the rest of the album is filled with not-so-attractive songs. In this case, this two album could hit at least 80% of nice songs – so a tick.

But of course, someone would have suggested me to get an album of ‘Best Hits’. But I am a bit stubborn here, I wish to get albums from a single band or artist rather than a pot of mixture – it is just me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the two CDs and has been taking them out to play once a while just to be in the feel!

June, when summer officially starts…

This probably sounds negative but it is June and I decided to be nice just for this month and stop trolling just at once. To look on the bright side, you have not pass half of a year!

To me, I was rather inactive during May. Work wise, I was not doing exceptionally hardworking because I did applied for a week’s leave to go back home for vacation. But other than that, May seems good.

I started a new life in May, in a new environment. It was hard at first, it is hard still. After all, adaption does not come to me naturally in certain aspect. I engaged in local community in any way I could. I tried to find back a schedule which I am comfortable to live with. And I guess it is going well so far.

Not only that, I get to meet Soo Ling more. I went Navy Open House 2013 with her. With that, we received the news of Shiny coming to Singapore soon.

After that, I went back Penang for recharge, vacation, whatever positive terms you can use. Within the week, I spent one and a half day with the boat mates to ESCape Adventure Park and pillow talk. Then Carmen told me she was coming for three days two nights. I became her tour buddy for that trip and spent the nights in a guesthouse again. For this trip, I explored Georgetown and find street arts.

And then I came back early June, to find summer has started…

In May, I also blogged about a Science artist’s blog: Beatrice the Biologist.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Video of My New Room

I probably haven’t say much about my new habitat, but I continued with my vlog on it:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gazebo at Botanic Garden

I drew this off a photograph I took of a gazebo in Singapore Botanic Garden. Everything seems okay except that I might not have been too detailed in my drawing. Another problem would be the drying of paint which I did not work it out thoroughly, hence the smear.

Botanic Garden by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Failed Attempt on Laboratory Art

Well, I thought I might want to draw something science-y with my poster colour but obviously I haven’t know how to handle colour properly.

Laboratory by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Trees and Plains

Trees and Plains by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Was trying a simplistic coloured of plains. Something like the red mountains but for watercolour.

The Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries

If I am a media and communication student, I would have aced my majors. In quite a short period of time, I finished watching too many shows (not that I hadn’t hit the record before – Doctor Who was one). This time round, I’m writing about The Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries. How should I put it? The Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries is like a Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice adaption, just that it is in a modern society, on Youtube and the characters have Twitter accounts.


One of the feature is it being small clips of five to fifteen minutes. This does make the story much simpler, with less words, but still entertaining. Plus, for it being uploaded then and now, it creates a sense of travelling at the same timeline as the character. In this, their Twitter, Tumblr and every social media utilized made the whole story felt real. Audience could feel as though they are actually ‘watching’ a real-life character’s life, only more dramatic. Not to mention the script-writing was rather good with suitable humour and apt emphasis. Other than that, I would give kudos for their make up and decor. Even if it is just a small part, their work in that area did catch my attention, like Jane’s hairstyle. To summarize, their hairstyle, costumes did bring out a presentation of the character with their personality, and that is good. Another thing that I would give a thumbs up was the development of the plot and character which the actors and actresses successfully grew with. They did a great job in showing how the character grew with the plot, which is amazing and I’m sure attracted most of the audiences.


This piece by Hank Green and Bernie Su brought excitement to the netizens I’m sure with their amazing skill in using the social media, turning it into something more than just the ‘old social media’.

Personally, I do enjoy the series, as I laughed at the stupid moments and felt for the character. For me, what is amazing is it is a series that can keep me going on – and that is a compliment. I don’t stick with many series often, and this one did! Plus, it gave me a space to imagine my life if I ever had a sister or whatsoever. It would be such a very different world.

Well, if you want to start, here’s Episode 1:

Performances Videos

So after weeks, I did upload the videos eventually. Thanks to Reuben for his camera, which is really superb with the resolution and the rate it could zoom and focus. My laptop is clogging up with too many files, hence it was quite a drive to upload all these and send the raw files into archive and clear up some space for my lappy. Anyway, the performances were good!

The first one is the Concerto pour Deux Voix performed by Hazel and Michelle.

Then at the almost last on the programme list, were performances by Hazel and Ek Theng. They initiated their scene with the Minion’s speech then with KEVII Song and G3 Sisters. Entertaining and not to mention Ek Theng’s entertaining speeches as well!


Friday, May 10, 2013

May Day Mayday M’aider!

It is a shame!

It is now almost ten days into a new month and I haven’t even do some roundups about last month or whatsoever!

April has been as peaceful as ever. I am still struggling through my work and life. I had quite some events which allowed me to connect with old pals, close or far. This is one which I went back KEVII Hall for Grad and Alumni Night. I wrote a post on that.

Other than that, I went back for Saturday Softball, because it was set as one of the Sayonara Softball, last few sessions for the graduating softball players. I should consider myself lucky to be able to play softball still after graduation.

In April and till now, I have thus far posted three science blog post. They were about a green building, a fun post about wringing wet cloth in space and lastly about nectarine bat’s tongue.

And now heading into May, I am now shifted – displaced to a new place. It is more expensive but with more ‘luxury’ at the same time. It was quite flustering at first as I am not really good at handling changes, especially something that has to do with my life. I thank my friends who gave me words and acts of encouragement as I walk through my adjustment, with my new place and new job (not really new actually – that shows how un-adaptive I am).

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ripper Street by BBC: A Review

I couldn’t believe that I did finish the first series of Ripper Street, despite being extremely busy with a lot of things around my life. I did not expect myself to actually continue this series that seemed to be an emulation of Sherlock Holmes after the first episode. Quite the contrary, I wouldn’t say it was an exciting, cutting-edge series but it has the flow. The series took place at the street after an episodes of Jack the Ripper’s murder. Darkness still fill every corner of the street while the Detective Inspector, whom had his own personal history entangled with his investigation on Jack the Ripper’s case, tried to solve each case in the suspicious of Ripper being behind of these. Since Ripper’s murder swirled around the prostitutes and the ‘walkers’, there were quite some involvement of sex and prostitution and women. However, that also means we could see quite some female characters that spice up the series in one way or another. Throughout the series, there were times when the personal history of the three main characters came back to haunt them, which made the series more than just a CSI, but an adventure with the character. But at the same time, if you expect some twist and turns of the plot and unexpectedness, Ripper Street could only provide a bare minimum of that. Most of the time, things are expected. It was the writing of the plot and the development that made me don’t mind finishing the series, seriously.

My opinion, definitely worth a try to test if you like it.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Science and School Saturday

So, as mentioned, I went to Bucket Science two Saturdays ago. After the event, OY and I walked around the Science Centre for some time since they added quite some sections and new exhibits since my last visit. We tried to wait for a chick to hatch but we were not that lucky. She left after some time and I loitered further to have a closer look at all those fun stuff. Yes, fun stuff. I used to be the kid who run up and down the corridors, checking each and every exhibits in science events. I was so easily amazed by things that slowly I realized I was not that excited anymore with school science because I had played with them long long time ago. I enjoyed checking Science first hand rather than listening it from a teacher according to syllabus. I guess I’m just a rebel. Nowadays when I go for exhibits, there were little room to have freedom to be excited as well. It was annoying when you are peeking through the tools when someone nearby were asking stupid questions and I was rather annoyed why didn’t they find out the concept before asking them blindly. Excited about Science is not about yelling questions that you never think through, it is the amazement and appreciation of how much human find out about things happening around us, and how awesome everything around us are pieced together as it is.

Anyway, I spent too much time there that I nearly thought I was late for Grad & Alumni Night for KEVII Hall. We were given the programme scroll. I thought it was just papers but was grateful to see they actually colour-printed the whole things, action counts.

Spot my halo – nah, just me posing with that script, just for fun!

As usual, the KE Media set up a photo booth. I had never thought it as a photo booth except that they are just a place for photos because some residence’s photos are needed. Now to think of it, it does feel like a party.

Alumni even get to take a group photo to identify the old people!

And guess what, this year the graduating seniors get to have their block bears!Sharlene, being in GH block for so many years, get to have the GH bear, which is SUPER cute. You can see me posing with it like many people. Sharlene even let me rub my nose with it!

The G3 Girls, we rocks because we finally publicize our G3 Girl Song on a stage!

Sharlene with her GH Bear!

After that, we actually went to the foyer to celebrate Stephanie’s birthday and have more photos.

Yup, what a memorable day!

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