Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Evening of Dissimilitude

I am not going to summarize what happened these few days but just one evening, this past evening (Yesterday, because it’s passed midnight). It was quite a stagnant early evening before the workflow came. I was reading papers for the sake of the project. (Nope, I haven’t achieve the skill of finish one paper in five minutes.) I was quite hungry somehow. I chipped two butter chip cookies and the Tai Yang cookie Weiting brought me from Taiwan. Then, the cells are ready and all the work began. I am still new in the sense that I can only run two experiments in one go – and that’s not even two projects. I accept my incompetence at the moment as I am still on my way towards a higher standard. After I finished up the work, I was left with half an hour of frisbee if I still want to go. I thought I might never have enough fun, so I decided to go for dinner with few of the lab people. I ended up spotting the DBS people still playing frisbee and changed attire. I played almost 25 minutes of frisbee since they ‘elongated’ the game time. Everything was running, adrenaline pumping – so much difference from what happened when I gobbled up the cookies. The next thing, I went to YIH Starbucks to ‘sort of support’ Carmen for her collaboration with Huihui. They are performing!

It was quite relaxing, sitting at one of the round table right next to the platform, drinking the iced Hojicha Tea latte, which allows me to get free (empty) red packets, reading The Seasoning of a Chef which I just started. Not only that, from my observation, I noticed the manager of the Starbucks. She is a lovely person, so kind and nice and friendly. I like the way she treat everyone, truly living to the spirit of Starbucks of serving the world with coffee. It’s a precious to know someone passionate about their job, so I salute her. So I was basically taking a few hours away from laptops or thinking about work today for some relaxation. And that was when I asked myself last night if I sacrificed too much of my personal growth time for Science. In some way, I sacrificed something, but to think back, personal growth was cultivated during my work time as well – it is not as though I did not learn anything from my lab that is outside Science – but of course, I am glad I remind myself constantly of a must to have some own time for quality time Smile.

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