Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to Work This New Year

Thought I would want to record some good things that happened just the few days I came back to work after a vacation. It was after a session of upset stomach and loads of Penang food, so bear in mind I was in a phase of homesickness, not-really-into-eating-anything and laziness. I was looking forward for a good head start in work, but it was admittedly coupled with the momentum deprived spirit.

And it was in the morning that Ryan messaged me to ask me to be prepared to pass down my UROPS project to this new student. Perhaps not the whole project, but still, it was almost two years since I was intensely involved and one year since my life was mildly entangled with the project. I was reading back my reports and try to find out any of my own personal notes worthy to jot down so that I could give the new student an insight. At the same time, I need to find out where were all the things!

Right after that, Weiting messaged me about having some goodies for me. It was not just from her, but I did not expect to get any gift on such a new year. This is true because I did not really ask for anything specific in my Christmas list this year. I can prove it. But anyway, so I dropped by after lunch to retrieve all the goodies!

They were indeed goodies. Most of them were shoved into that pink plastic bag, and I don’t even know if I am going to use them. Truth to be told, I am a very bad person with souvenirs. I think they are too lovely to be used that I often ended up putting them in a container. I’ve got, and specially introduced by the fellows, a calendar where you’ve got these little hearts of stickers to stick who you dated on that particular date. I have a feeling I will be dating a rather not-a-person science stuff throughout the year – though I really don’t mind dating my friends.

I rejected Sylvia’s souvenir and realized quickly I might have been too rude. I tried to apologize or did something to fix it but it did not seem to work. I told her I really won’t be using any of those souvenirs. I don’t know if this is rude but I just think it is important to be honest. Especially when I think those lovely stuff would be better off finding better owners. I am a bad owner.

Other than that, I found the protein – which the joy was totally overshadowed by this Paradise Tree Snake. Ryan or his friend caught it along the ridge and it was going to be send off for some measurements. I did get to take a photo of it and tap on its container for a few times before going off to face the rather confused new student who was still in the midst of exploring the project nature…

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