Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This will be a quick update. There had been times this week when I do get encouragements from my fellow lab members and professors, not to forget Prof M who actually sees the field I am working in will be one that will contribute a lot to the human population. I truly understand when Sir Paul Nurse mentioned ‘whatever it is, it must be strong to keep you going on’ because the road is tough, fun and exciting – but yes, tough. I felt rather glad to receive so much words of wisdom and encouragements of course, but I do get worried that I will forget of where am I and paused my footstep. So, I keep on reminding myself. And it was funny because I do get some small challenges alongside with these. For example, I was given task and given a certain pressure to figure out the things. I don’t like to be told what should I do and what I should not do, but it is a frustration to not able to think out of the box yet because my knowledge is still a smaller box than other’s knowledge box. I need an upgrade obviously. And I reckoned it is not about knowledge sometimes, it is about wisdom and strength. I was quite exhausted sometimes after the duties that my brain just chose to sneak off for a little break, which is annoying at times. But I guess all these trainings, are really good way to forge me into something good. And I am ready for the challenge. I may still fall several times, but I am ready.

Yesterday night, I took some night off to write a short article about a journal published in Nature. I am still not considering that a good one because it is more of a summary rather than a good review consisting many background readings. Need improvement for this area. Check.

For today, our bus broke down nearby Clementi area and we had to take 963 to school instead. I did my duties and went back to my thinking box. Later the evening, I went for frisbee, slightly late this time and get to do some fast run this time. I guess I am improving. After the game, I went to listen to Carmen’s and Huihui’s performance in YIH Starbucks for Reconnact. It is much better today and I busy-bodied for a few moment before going back. I am still halfway reading loads of articles. Being able to ‘save them in Pocket’ has become a good excuse for ‘I’ll read later’. I really need to give myself some sense of urgency to stop all these nonsense.

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