Sunday, January 20, 2013

Impeccable Delirium

I was not joking when I decided to use the word as stated in the title. I had a crazy week, not in a way as in too busy to have my own time; but in a way of too many things happening in just a short period of time. I was actually amazed that when I came back from vacation, I told myself it would be a blink of my eye before the break for Chinese New Year is here, but I definitely blinked more than that and it is still few weeks more.

As I mentioned, I went to SMA Symposium the other day. The whole thing ended for three days. The second day was more energy-draining since it consists of morning talk of the programme and a whole evening of presentations. Though, it was really great to be able to see the making of Science. The presentations might not be well-packaged speech, but the contents are really eye-openers. I do admit I don’t understand many parts of them, but I am glad I made my choice of attending it because I get to know more about research and particularly something about the project I am going to join. It was rather funny to see my name on my mentor’s presentation slide as I still consider myself ‘a pair of hands’ and really limited thinking I had contributed compared to the effort the people paid off for the whole project. I need to work harder, I think; but my mentor assured me it’s because it is just the beginning. Well, I still have to play my part. And the winners were awarded that evening reception, which we mistaken as dinner and got disappointed to find out we were served snacks and beer.

After that, I skipped the Wednesday bit partly because there were less topics related and also I has duty to fulfil. I collected my Gardens by the Bay ticket and had lunch in YIH (mixed rice). I trial run the first practical for the most basic Biochemistry class. I forgot everything I did in my first year, but one good thing about Biochemistry is that you can make sense out of it. So, forgetting does not mean the end. That night, I attended casual dinner at Straights Kitchen. The food was just okay and the variety was not really stunning. But still, who would deny an invitation for dinner, right? They congratulate one of the professor for his tenure-ship, which is something that don’t come by every year.

Thursday, as what was said by colleagues, was my day of getting my ‘phD’ (pH meter degree). We calibrated a whole teaching lab of pH meter. It might seemed to be an easy task but the challenge is that of it was too repetitive and easy and it sometimes bore you down if you has nothing better to get occupied with. I am glad all of us worked together in a rather fun environment, which made the chore looked less unbearable. And we had lunch in, yes I know, YIH. I had Kimchi fried rice, which was quite oily for the day but tasty. We had TA briefing that evening and that’s all.

Friday is the day of practical. As last semester, I am still frowning about the weird timing of the practical, which spans across my usual lunch hour. But my colleagues are smart people when they provided welfare outside the lab. I got to eat some chocolate chip cookies and coffee as a break from the tummy-grumbling in lab session. I should really get some food and treat them back in future because they saved my life. Of course, the professor was quite funny with his usual humour, such as ‘if you think you are going to die, crawl out of the lab so that we don’t need to fill up those forms’. Of course, these are just jokes. We do wish nothing really serious happen. Afterall, it was just a pH practical – what could possibly go wrong?!! Nothing really goes wrong, but there were some minor hiccups with rather innocent/blur students because it was their first practical. Let’s hope they gain more wisdom in the following practical then.

That night, my lab went to congratulate one of our member’s baby for her baby shower. She smiled when we crowded around her. Of course, we had dinner there as well – good steamboat. Then there is our ‘one day MRT station tour’ before stopping at Holland Village. Interesting evening we had there and I ended up taking taxi back home in the middle of the night. Good thing I get to share the fare though.

Saturday, I woke up to realize I left my laptop adapter back in lab, so I have to go back and at the same time, returning my library books. It was a rainy day, given that it rained since the midnight (after I came back). I went to IMM to post postcard and letter, which on the way I spotted Yan Tie and his wife grocery-shopping at Giant. I dropped by for a quick ‘hi’ before hopping off to school. At first I thought since I had to go back to school, then perhaps I would want to watch the IHG, but it was cancelled – just like what happened to my ‘jogging/walking/crawling’ routine for that day. I returned to near my house area with Zhuangli and we had lunch in Capricciosa. I had a pasta with smoked salmon and Fritelle. The pasta is not bad and I like the salmon that is not overcooked. The Fritelle was nice although there are cinnamon. I do have something say to the crisp that came along though, because I felt it harboured the smell of oil when I eat them. But overall, it was a happy lunch. I napped the whole evening and had a late dinner of onigiri that day.

Sunday, I finally got to see a no-rain morning. It was still a chilling morning. I went for a slow jog of around five rounds around the IPPT track and had some slacking PT for my own before going up for breakfast. I had milk before the jog, but I tried the oat recipe recommended by my colleague. I heard of it before but I had never gain any confidence in trying it, so today, I did. It was just heating up the oat and add milk with it. It was really bland, in my opinion. The most I could taste was the milk taste, which I might need some time to get used to in the case of oatmeal. I finished it in the end though. I went for grocery shopping in NTUC with some imaginary plan for the breakfast for five days in future, replenished things that are expired (I am really sorry about this) and also got some food for the meal today.

My meal of the day, flavoured rice with lady fingers and mint-sauced salmon fillet, paired with herbal soup (the one Mummy stuffed in my luggage). They were superb, because it is a good meal and it is still within my budget (although I had to cut down the salmon portion to make it possibleSad smile). The rest of the day was spent on finishing The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno (look at me procrastinate) and reading journals and articles. I do slacked around quite a lot for this Sunday, no regrets. #YOLO

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