Monday, January 14, 2013

Summarizing Yesterday

I guess I will have to start training myself to blog in a very fast manner, including phasing out typing errors and grammatical errors. The time I have each day is still twenty four hours and I am having more and more things to be occupied with. To balance out my new year’s resolution so far, I guess I can’t compromise my health by sleeping too late as my parents had been saying the ‘eleven to one prime time’ is crucial. I will try sleeping at least at midnight and will start managing my sleeping cycle to wake up early (if ever I can). So what happened yesterday?
I attended the first day of SMA Symposium. The session was scheduled with SMA alumni sharing their experiences of the programme and how did the programme affect their current life. Some was rather so-so but there were some inspiring ones. Each of them is unique but of course I enjoyed particular certain few speaker’s speech.
During the lab ‘talking’ session, we shared few updates and had some talk. Prof actually asked if I see the amazing things that are done by these bunch of people. I said ‘All the time, everywhere’. That was indeed (I will blog about this some day) a very frequent basis that I witness wonders in the lab, the robustness – the maturity. And prof was nodding ‘Learn!’. I guess I am very grateful to have such a conducive environment to fluorish.
Tomorrow is another day of symposium. I recognized I might not be a good material for listening to lecture because even though some of the speeches were inviting, I still find it hard to focus and fall out several times. Tomorrow will be a challenge I guess, but I still have to try.
Right, see you!

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