Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Indoors

It was not exactly an indoor Sunday because I did spend a brief hour outside, getting myself a new thermo flask so that I can get access to quick hot water whenever I want, some fruits for my likings and three onigiri for my lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast. The place was packed, but it was bearable, though I did make a mistake of not getting a basket and ended up lugging all the things across the mart’s lane. I had two onigiri for lunch (That’s like two lump of rice, oh gosh). Then I watched Cloud Atlas. It was superb. Then before I start my work for translation, I cooked my dinner, Milk bread with egg and salmon, topped with mushrooms and sides with a slab of cheese and some lady fingers. It was quite a big meal.

After that, I had two tangerines and off to start doing my first piece of translating work for UNV. I was procrastinating the piece, to be truth. But I did it in the end, finishing up the work just half an hour before the deadline! I did grabbed some time after that to read a new piece by David Mitchell on Snowmen and Flood and The Sad State of Our Science, and How to Fix It from Bloomberg. Then it is now midnight. To think of that, I still have much to do, hmm… well, I should conclude my weekend and continue fighting then!

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