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Wrapping up 2012, Unboxing 2013 (Part 1/2)

It felt like just yesterday, when I raised my glass and said my resolution for 2012 and today it is me raising my glass of cranberry juice, cheering for a good 2013. In fact, I missed the first few minutes of 2013 by sleeping through it because I had an episode of tummy upset just the day before. But  the ringing of fireworks woke me up alright.

First, what I started, I ends; so let me wrap up 2012 first by re-checking my resolutions:

Vision: Change the world. Discover!

I would like to make amendment to such a vision as I know that I can’t change other people without their consent. So, in this sense, I would like to change the world by setting myself as a good example. By that, means I need to change to a better self! Discover, is to discover all the wonderful things in life – the wonderfulness when life is awesome, the amazingness when life is not that awesome; because, in the end of the day, this is the life I live!

Goal 1: Learn German

I did learn some German but I would not say I passed it. So, I will just leave it here.

Goal 2: Continue to be a good person

I did, and I do. Of course, it depends how you define good. I did my best to set myself a good individual morally and tried my best to be a better person. For that, I gave myself a tick for this passed 2012.

Goal 3: Curious more, ask more, research more

I am definite I’m curious, asking and researching all the time. I don’t have a data to show if it is ‘more’, but I am satisfied with the amount of effort I put in within 2012. So yes, another tick.

Goal 4: Write

For this, I do have some numbers. So far, I had written 13 science blog posts (regardless of their quality), 3 short stories and 90+ blog posts. My short stories are Tale of My Crooked Teeth (a biography/life lesson from myself), Searching Sam (a short story of sibling love) and Please, Mr. Snowman (a rather sad Christmas story). Overall, I think I fit this goal. I had an increase in blog post number as well, see.

Goal 5: Make better videos

In 2012, I made 9 videos (not counting the recent few). Quality-wise, I would not be able to judge them but I would say I only fulfil this goal in the earlier part of the year, and got a little sloppy later on. Way to go, Mafer!

Goal 6: Swim more – stay healthy

In 2012, at least for the later part of the year, I fulfilled my resolution. I tried to stick to my schedule of swimming once a week and running at least twice a week. I do take a few lazy breaks here and there, but I am totally okay with it after seeing the effort I have put in. Plus, I would gladly announce, for once in five years, my weight is below 70kg (not sure if it increases after I went back Penang for almost 10 days, but yes, it is still an improvement). Not that I encourages slimming culture, but I wished myself to fall in a healthy range of BMI, that’s all.

So, yes. Roughly, I achieved all my resolutions, but as Kelvin said ‘because your dream is not big enough’ and yes I agreed with him, so I shall make better resolutions in 2013. But my 2012 was not just about achieving my own personal goals of course. Let’s have a look into my 2012.

In 2012, I joined in a outside-NUS softball tournament. It is amazing because I did not really know all of the team at first and we get along well and I enjoyed the game. Most of the team are from Montfort and they are really a tightly-knit bunch of people, reminding me of my old school. It is also my first time, playing on Padang!

In 2012, I went to Marina Bay Sands – The Rooftop. It’s nothing much, but still I don’t see when will be my next time actually going up there, haha!

In 2012, I met several brilliant people. For a hermit or a normally-passive people like me, I am not used to making the first contact with people. But through different circumstances, duties, invitations, social pressure or stuff like that (things that you might not think is really a way) to get in touch with people, I do get to know different people and I am glad of that.

In 2012, I went for two exhibition, the Titanic’s and Harry Potter. I am glad I went, even though it meant I have to spend some money. They were great exhibitions and experience, so no regrets! Also, the company I had for these exhibitions are fantastic people.

In 2012, for my previous job, I threw myself in for the job, even though it was not about research. I learned of the greatness of being able to commit to your job and enjoy it and I do. Don’t get me wrong, I still love research, but I enjoy being able to share knowledge with people, I enjoy being able to explore the amazing world of Science with people who are starting their journey or are sailing along the path and I enjoy exploring from different perspective. For the last few months of my previous work, I have never felt that happy – not because it is ending, but because I truly found how one could find joy in their work.

In 2012, I learned a new sports – frisbee. I played frisbee, as in that ‘plate’ before, but I did not ever thought of playing a sports out of it. I literally not like touch rugby, which was quite a close one to it. I am allergy to grass, and I am bad at running, and I’m just terrible with any team sports and is definitely way-off the standard when it comes to hand-eye coordination. But somehow, I joined in the friendlies in DBS and just decided to take up a challenge. So, now, once a while, I will just drop by their games and played along and I believe I am getting a hand of it.

In 2012, I changed department to get a little bit closer to my dream. I did not count for any pay rise or reduce in workload. I went for it when I was offered an opportunity for research. It is a demanding job, but when things get tough, I will tell myself ‘you wanted this’ and I will be saying ‘yes, this is the thing and I have to go through, to go to my dreams’.

In 2012, I volunteered in a Buddhist stall for henna painting. It was my first time painting Henna for people publicly and it was rather scary at first. I was very content with all the smiles the people had after I finished the painting, especially this little girl’s ‘yes, it’s perfect, it’s very nice!’.

In 2012, I greeted my ex-profs (they will always be my profs) merry christmas and happy new year and surprisingly, they remembered me. I am grateful how they still remembered me as a good impression and wished me well for my future undertakings. I am very happy for just the email exchanges.

In 2012, along the year, thanks to the technology now, I got updates from many old friends! This is especially for the boatmates!!! Not only that, with Soo Ling coming to Singapore to work, and Phey Shan’s arrival – I felt more and more closer to old friends. Not only that, there were many others who are here and I am still yet to hear from them personally. At the end of the year, I get to meet Rachel, finally, for real, after so long of difference in our vacation timing!

Many thing else happened in 2012, but it was generally a great year. It has ups and downs – just like how a great year should be. I appreciated the strength I got when I felt down and I am grateful for the humbleness I was reminded when I was on top of the world. I believe, these are the trainings for a great person in the making – and therefore, I shall accept the task.

Read on Part 2.

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