Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Wrapping up 2012, Unboxing 2013 (Part 2/2)

Continued from Part 1.

Enough of 2012, now is the real thing – 2013. As I said, I slept through my first few minutes of 2013 but I did it for good reason – I was resting. For 2013, there were a few things that were kept in my mind about life in some funny ways #YOLO, #DFTBA and ‘When our time came, Britain, we did it right.’ #YOLO, as most of us know, means ‘You only live once’, which could be elegantly spoken as ‘seize the day’ which is from the very posh quote ‘carpe diem’. When I say #YOLO, I really mean it and not in a funny way or crazy way. I did not want to do something crazy just because YOLO, I would like to do something that is meaningful not just for me but for everyone else in the world because YOLO. #DFTBA, means ‘Don’t forget to be awesome’. It might sound cheeky, but seriously, during my working life, DFTBA is the one that reminds me of being DFTBA. When people goes into their working life, once a while, people forgot how to feel happy, how to feel young, how to not trap in the work-eat-sleep cycle and this is the time when you need to live the DFTBA spirit. Even for the most seemed-to-be-boring work in the world, find awesome things in it, see the greatness at the most unexpected places. The final quote, is given in a speech during London Olympic 2012 Opening ceremony, ‘When our time came, Britain, we did it right’. Well, Britain might not apply to me, but I would want to live my life so that I can say ‘when my time came, I did it right’.

When we look into the whole timeline of civilizations, or existence of Earth, or the vastness of universe – our existence, our life – is just this little speck. Some might thought we did not matter – but no, we matters. We are given this very small portion in the realm of existence, why make this small portion insignificant? We are given a limited life time, limited space, limited growth and (even though regretfully) limited knowledge in some sense, but with these limitedness, we haven’t truly live out to our potential. I have only one life that I am aware of. Any life before or after me (the Karma thing, if you believe it), I have no control over it. I have this one and only one that I can make a change, I can do something with it. I have this life time, that 24 years before this were somehow used up, for good or for bad. For the good ones, I am happy for it; for the bad ones, I take it as a prequel to my good ones. Anything after this, I can’t control what will happen – BUT, I can decide what I should do now. I don’t ask for future Mafer to thank me for my good beings, and I don’t wish future Mafer blame me for my bad beings – because life is not about dwelling in the past or dreaming of future. Dream is good, but realizing it is better. I want a life without regrets.

This year, DFTBA because YOLO, so that when my time came, I did it right.

But of course, for people like me, I think a goal too general might not be a good idea. Hence, I came up with a few resolutions myself. Basically, I am repeating 2012’s resolutions with more specifications (wow, Hi-Res):

Vision: DFTBA because YOLO, so that when my time came, I did it right

Mission: Be a wise person and a scientist


1. Learn German(50 new vocab/phrases), upgrade French (50 new vocab/phrases + 5 essays), improve English

2. Continue to be a good person – Live right. I would like to be a good person, be kind and be nice. I do give people impression of being cold, so I do wish to be more nice by ‘speaking right’. This of course includes stay healthy, which I hope to maintain by last year’s standard.

3. Write. For this, I am not wishing for more – just maintaining is good enough.

4. Make better videos. This is a bit tricky, because the camera was returned to its rightful owner, my brother and I am left with not much equipment. I wish to maintain but yes, I will see how.

5. Curious more, ask more, research more. THIS IS THE ONE I HAVE TO HIGHLIGHT. Given that I am now in a research lab and doubled with department duties, I am happy to commit to research. But I am still fitting in to the work culture. Besides, to do my Resolution #5, I might have affected my other resolutions. I would like to work hard to balance the thing out, which will be my Secret Resolution #6. And of course, in terms of research, I set a goal that might or might not be able to achieve – my first scientific publication. I won’t give myself any high hopes nor would I wish for which authorship, just research effort worth a publication – that will be good.

So, yes, I am finished with my resolutions, better keep it short and simple and precise, eh? And yes, for YOLO, I should go to bed now, bye peeps!

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