Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bai Nian

Last Saturday, I went to visit one of the colleagues’ house for a bai nian. As usual, I brought two tangerines just to follow the tradition. Amy was kind enough to cook us lunch, which is very nice. Thank you. Of course, the bunch of girls are more interested in taking nice photos, I was sort of forced to stand in for a group photo – which, as I always said, is really just an attendance sheet of the event instead of what really happened.

Later, we walked to the nearest park connector and they took a group photo again, to remember who actually visited this place. It is quite a nice place as for me, park connectors are part of Singapore where I can feel an open space.

Well, I did take some photos but some of the girls are not very keen in getting too exposed of their true self (an act of self-deceiving is in a girl’s nature I guess). Respecting their personality, I shall not put them here then.

P.S. Maybe I should keep those photos. Afterall, these are those kind of photos that reminded me perhaps ten years later what actually happened. My friends and I just realized the power of not-posed photos months ago…

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lou Hei with Colleagues

Sometimes I have to say I was being lucky, because I have unknowingly been with a bunch of nice colleagues. We might have different personality, goals of life and many more un-alikeness, but it was already warm enough to have these really welcoming and warm colleagues. We had lou hei as our lunch the other day after long hours of practical. And I was blessed with a special edition of lou hei, pickles with a variety of fresh fruits, topped with special home made sauce. It is really nice!

Other than that, I was bloated with really good food and also really good time dining with them. Thanks to all of them!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Be Observant, Be Proactive

This is a short reminder for myself after what happened last Thursday.

I went back late that day and I was rather appalled by my own luck when I arrived at the transferring station to find my usual bus has broken down and I have to wait for another half an hour for the next bus. The broken down bus was stuck in the driveway and all other bus has to stop on the road and passengers need to walk out next to the road.

Since I still have quite some time, I decided to swipe my phone to pass some time since my brain was wanting to take a break. And after some time, one of the other bus came and I was staring into the crowd, day-dreaming although it was not ‘day’ at all. Suddenly, I saw an old lady – which I knew I saw her among the crowd just now. She was standing in front of me and I can’t hear what she was talking about because I am having my music blast. Her back was so bend and she stretched out her hand.

And guess what?

I ‘huh’ed at first before realizing she needed help to walk from the road to the sidewalk. Her knees might be too bad to even climb the steps. I helped her, but I was embarrassed by how long I need to go into action. This is just what I have been told – be observant, be proactive!

And I guess, to do that in research – first I have to start from my daily life.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Staff Lunch and Pre-CNY Wishes

Today, it’s the day for food because there was staff welfare lunch at Fairmont Hotel. It was a buffet and I definitely ate a lot. We did sneak out to Raffles City for a while where we got to witness a performance of playing songs by blowing the leaves.

And the highlight of the day was when my name was mentioned halfway through the lucky draw session. I was given the 4th prize, which is a $200-worth of Crabtree & Evelyn hamper. I was worried it must be some really over-scented cosmetics, but luckily they consist of more food: two big can of biscuits, one small can of biscuit, one orange sauce, one honey tub, four mini jam bottles, one hand lotion, one box of hot chocolate, one box of lemon tea and one box of camomile tea (I guess that’s all). And also, a decorated red basket which we agreed it looked suitable for placing tangerines during chinese new year.

Besides that, we were given door gifts, which included a calendar (which I don’t think many of us use since we were bombarded with free calendars since New Year), a Panda soft toy, which I placed on my office table, and a quite-nice pen drive which is with 4GB space.

When we came back, Pei Kun gave each of us ang pao that are not really money-filled. It is wishes-filled.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Out with Friends

Last weekend, I decided to fulfil my promise to Soo Ling about shopping with her. I have asked Mummy to reduce her shopping of new year clothes/non-new year clothes for me, and used the excuse of ‘will be shopping with Soo Ling’. So, in fact, I do need to get myself something for the new year – something I have to do as a part of my growing process. In the end, Soo Ling, Phey Shan and I decided to meet up near Somerset area. We surveyed and had lunch at Bao Jin Tian. It was at the open area. I had glutinous rice with steam chicken and sides with the man tou with meat (just because I miss eating it). Soo Ling spotted a lot of orders from the wan ton noodle and went ahead with it. Phey Shan was attracted by the curry chicken.

We had a little shopping, mostly focusing on certain shops due to our financial affordability. Then we saw the dessert shop Phey Shan and me went before with other fellow CLB people. We went for a quick tea/light dinner. It’s Mango Sago with Pomelo and glutinous rice with mango. They are quite a good snack after a long shopping hour.

We even took two photos.

Later that night, we decided to go to China town. The decoration was just a snake. Other than that, China town has its own usual decoration – people. It was very crowded. I took it as much as I could at first but half way through the sardine-like street, I started to lose my temper. We do get to see one of the temple having some event going on though.

Before I really get annoyed, we visited the Tintin shop. We were greeted by the ‘statues’ as we followed the flow of people like the rail on sushi bar. We get to see comic books, merchandise and even cartoon of Tintin, in different languages. I got a postcard from there so that I can post it out.

And since it would be unlikely for me to even come again in near future, I had Phey Shan to help me take a photo with an old-version of Tintin.

Other than me feeling super annoyed, I guess I really enjoyed the day out. At least, I did do some shopping and was satisfied with that. But I do think we need to meet up more, not for shopping but perhaps of catching up. I’m putting in effort for socializing, see…

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