Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bai Nian

Last Saturday, I went to visit one of the colleagues’ house for a bai nian. As usual, I brought two tangerines just to follow the tradition. Amy was kind enough to cook us lunch, which is very nice. Thank you. Of course, the bunch of girls are more interested in taking nice photos, I was sort of forced to stand in for a group photo – which, as I always said, is really just an attendance sheet of the event instead of what really happened.

Later, we walked to the nearest park connector and they took a group photo again, to remember who actually visited this place. It is quite a nice place as for me, park connectors are part of Singapore where I can feel an open space.

Well, I did take some photos but some of the girls are not very keen in getting too exposed of their true self (an act of self-deceiving is in a girl’s nature I guess). Respecting their personality, I shall not put them here then.

P.S. Maybe I should keep those photos. Afterall, these are those kind of photos that reminded me perhaps ten years later what actually happened. My friends and I just realized the power of not-posed photos months ago…

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