Saturday, February 23, 2013

Be Observant, Be Proactive

This is a short reminder for myself after what happened last Thursday.

I went back late that day and I was rather appalled by my own luck when I arrived at the transferring station to find my usual bus has broken down and I have to wait for another half an hour for the next bus. The broken down bus was stuck in the driveway and all other bus has to stop on the road and passengers need to walk out next to the road.

Since I still have quite some time, I decided to swipe my phone to pass some time since my brain was wanting to take a break. And after some time, one of the other bus came and I was staring into the crowd, day-dreaming although it was not ‘day’ at all. Suddenly, I saw an old lady – which I knew I saw her among the crowd just now. She was standing in front of me and I can’t hear what she was talking about because I am having my music blast. Her back was so bend and she stretched out her hand.

And guess what?

I ‘huh’ed at first before realizing she needed help to walk from the road to the sidewalk. Her knees might be too bad to even climb the steps. I helped her, but I was embarrassed by how long I need to go into action. This is just what I have been told – be observant, be proactive!

And I guess, to do that in research – first I have to start from my daily life.

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