Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Member

Just a little update of this new member. If you are here, you will see me patting and scuffling his head all the time while I was doing work. Let me introduce him to you!

He is a lion.

His name is Meow.

And he barks.

Yup, this is the tagline I gave to him the first day I brought it back from the alumni dinner. But I do get allergic sometimes after sniffing at its hair, so I am avoiding that…

Monday, March 25, 2013

FASS Dean’s Alumni Dinner

To start the story, oh wait, do I know where to start the story? The email, yes, the email. Oh wait, I guess there’s more. But anyway, this came with the email I received – it’s better to start that way. It was an email from FASS, an invitation to the FASS Dean’s Alumni Dinner.

My first reaction: ??????

Yes, tonnes and tonnes of question mark. In the end, the only way I found out that was not a bunch of baloney, was when I received a phone call to confirm my attendance. Wow, they take it seriously. I was amazed. Years in a Life Science major, I was not once invited to a dinner (not that I care to have one – or perhaps I ignored the email), but at least I’m sure they didn’t call. But this was confusing. The only thing I did in FASS were my European Studies and French – okay, and some other by bits and pieces modules like Geopolitics and Singapore Studies. And I asked in the end, ‘I was confused – why am I invited again?’ and it was made clear it was due to my minor in European Studies. Seeing that I have not have a tour in Utown before, I decided to try my luck.

And so, I was given this little sticker with my name in Disney font – yes, their record doesn’t mark Mafer as my name because it IS a NICKNAME. And they gave us some goodies like a plushie lion and an umbrella.

The tour was fairly good with really enthusiastic student ambassador. When the dinner started, the dean had some word and it is official that ‘Starbucks – favourite place for the fellow historians – coffee addicts – that’s how they write right?’ I was laughing so hard. I may not be a historian but I completed my minors with half French modules, half history modules. I spend much of my time in library and readings – but I haven’t gone into the ‘realm of historians’ by caffeine.

Anyway, Sapore Italian served good food. Enjoyed their appetizers, main course and dessert. I get to sit with fellow European Studies – which is not much, but that means I have to talk to Prof Turner. It is incredible. Since our table seemed to be the most vacant ones, sadly, we were joined by some students – which is really not a bad idea.

And yes, that was a great dinner – even though it was an event hardly too much to do with me. It relives my third year memories though…

P.S. It is so marvellous to hear that Professor Lockhart who taught History of Christianity (did not took his class but listened to his webcast), is now a residence in U-town and he offers seminars as interesting as ‘The history of Crusades’. Students nowadays are so blessed!

Some attempt on human faces…

I tried on human faces. I would say my skill on human faces did not improve much since last year. I have to work hard on that aspect.

Emma Watson by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Human Face Looking by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Red Sky upon Mountains

Red Sky upon Mountains by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

It had been quite some time since I posted any piece of my work. In truth, I had not been drawing very frequently now that I spend my time doing many things at a time. My drawing time has now seemed to become a Sunday morning near-to-nature-self-improvement time. I drew this quite some time ago. It was inspired partly by the reddish landscape as shown in Doctor Who of Gallifrey. It was told to be such an interesting place yet I hear sadness and I imagined Earth in future, dry and hot.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Have been busy doing all kinds of things at the moment, but I would like to take out some time to highlight an enlightenment. I have always been a person who is not sure how to handle the relationship between human, between me and my friends, between me and my teammate – and this ability has proved a big hurdle along my life – since my secondary school when such skills are important in a life filled with social-dependent activities. I have come to term to admit my weakness and is still working hard to learn – trying to acquire such a skill.

But no matter how, these few months of my life, life has proved to me how I was blessed, with so many examples, many people whom surround me, showed me how is it – to be a person of friendship. I would not say I mastered the skill, but I am starting to understand and admire the camaraderies that I am enjoying.

There are lots of people in my life and they might be doing things that are so different altogether. But in the end, if we were to connect the dots, it would be amazing to find how these people fit in you puzzle of life – nicely. I have people who actually spend so much time with me, tolerate my weakness and even be my guidance. I have people who actually let me understand how I should be socializing in general even though they might not be very close to me. I have people whom I care about and I realized I have not been taking initiative.

So, for my first step, I realized I would like to start the first step. It was funny that I was always said to be a ‘natural leader’ for my life but I have never actually seen myself doing any real leadership before. So I take this as a small start then. I organized outings, even though it was quite a troublesome chores to me sometimes. At least, I felt good when I know I at least tried – in maintaining this relationship.

One of the most recent meet ups was with the G3 girls. Since I wanted to start small, I only invite another two person but we ended up with another friend, which is cool! We had a great day – minor updates, nice desserts, KinderSurprise (water squirter!) and new guitar bag! I’m really grateful for that. I’m a kind of person who will get really happy even though you are not showing your friendship with gifts – but these are just so much and I don’t know what else I can say. Thank you!

Here are some photo of how we doodled randomly at Star Vista, taking over the kids, hahaa!

For this past weekend, I met up with Soo Ling and get some real chatting. We had a full meal and walked around in Jurong Point, which was pleasant Smile.

Not only is there some Japanese fair that day – the OWL coffee has a mascot in front of the stall just to cheer up the crowd.

Great Weekend that is.

The next day – which is today, is St. Patrick’s Day. I had stew and some cheese. I didn’t wear green because I can’t find one but I had a whole few hours of listening to Celtic radio plus viewing some of the Comic Relief 2013, which proved to be entertaining, hehehe!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Song of the Lonely Mountain by Neil Finn

Would like to share such a nice song, Song of the Lonely Mountain Performed by Neil Finn. It is the ending song in the first part of The Hobbit movie.


Far over the Misty Mountains rise
Leave us standing upon the height
What was before we see once more
Is our kingdom a distant light
Fiery mountain beneath the moon
The words unspoken, we'll be there soon
For home a song that echoes on
And all who find us will know the tune
Some folk we never forget
Some kind we never forgive
Haven't seen the back of us yet
We'll fight as long as we live
All eyes on the hidden door
To the Lonely Mountain borne
We'll ride in the gathering storm
Until we get our long forgotten gold
We lay under the Misty Mountains cold
In slumbers deep, and dreams of gold
We must awake, our lives to make
And in the darkness a torch we hold
From long ago when lanterns burned
Until this day our hearts have yearned
Her fate unknown, the Arkenstone
What was stolen must be returned
We must awake and make the day
To find a song for heart and soul
Some folk we never forget
Some kind we never forgive
Haven't seen the end of it yet
We'll fight as long as we live
All eyes on the hidden door
To the Lonely Mountain borne
We'll ride in the gathering storm
Till we get our long forgotten gold
Far away from Misty Mountains cold.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Clumsiness and Carelessness

I have not been able to progress much in my experiments, practically these few days due to shortage of consumables. It was a pain in the gut because this was not that kind of ‘free’ you wished for when it was something that you cared quite a lot. But I know I can’t control what it is except wait and keep on emailing to get the process faster. And I guess my impatience had made me too eager to hop around that I tried to help out one of the students and ended up breaking a beaker. As a matter of fact, I did break western blot glass plates (2) before, but to break something in the lab is actually a rare occasion for me, given my usual clumsiness.

I grew up a clumsy and careless person, at certain area. As a kid, I had an unlimited amount of falling down and also several events of doing careless mistakes. But surprisingly, I had never been the same when it came to science, except a deep cut when I try to build a silly robot when I was in primary school. When it comes to doing science stuff, no matter it is experiments or some hands on, I am surprisingly not-the-usual-me most of the time. But as I grow up, I slowly learn to reduce my clumsiness elsewhere as well, of course. So when I broke the beaker today, it was quite sad.

I think I am letting things to get to me, impatience. I should be alert and careful next time. So here goes my first ever broken beaker record.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Guess what I found

I was clearing (not exactly thoroughly) my files while waiting myself to be dried and I came across these photos in my ‘Received Files’ folder. I think this happened like way way back then, years ago. I think it was some back to school day and I did not get to bring my school uniform here that year. I ended up wearing my BOP Training camp shirt. I was enjoying the blue cotton candy, which is actually one of my favourite candy, because I was just amazed at the melting part as a kid. I was given a box of multi-coloured popcorns. To think of that, the colourings might have been too scary – but well, I’ve always had those time when I do crazy stupid things, haven’t I? I’ve got face paint and I have no idea why of all colours did I get green and yellow. It made me felt very Brazilian but anyway, go KE! Those are the days when you actually have fun at supper, haha!

Blur Mafer


Roar-y Mafer


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