Sunday, March 17, 2013


Have been busy doing all kinds of things at the moment, but I would like to take out some time to highlight an enlightenment. I have always been a person who is not sure how to handle the relationship between human, between me and my friends, between me and my teammate – and this ability has proved a big hurdle along my life – since my secondary school when such skills are important in a life filled with social-dependent activities. I have come to term to admit my weakness and is still working hard to learn – trying to acquire such a skill.

But no matter how, these few months of my life, life has proved to me how I was blessed, with so many examples, many people whom surround me, showed me how is it – to be a person of friendship. I would not say I mastered the skill, but I am starting to understand and admire the camaraderies that I am enjoying.

There are lots of people in my life and they might be doing things that are so different altogether. But in the end, if we were to connect the dots, it would be amazing to find how these people fit in you puzzle of life – nicely. I have people who actually spend so much time with me, tolerate my weakness and even be my guidance. I have people who actually let me understand how I should be socializing in general even though they might not be very close to me. I have people whom I care about and I realized I have not been taking initiative.

So, for my first step, I realized I would like to start the first step. It was funny that I was always said to be a ‘natural leader’ for my life but I have never actually seen myself doing any real leadership before. So I take this as a small start then. I organized outings, even though it was quite a troublesome chores to me sometimes. At least, I felt good when I know I at least tried – in maintaining this relationship.

One of the most recent meet ups was with the G3 girls. Since I wanted to start small, I only invite another two person but we ended up with another friend, which is cool! We had a great day – minor updates, nice desserts, KinderSurprise (water squirter!) and new guitar bag! I’m really grateful for that. I’m a kind of person who will get really happy even though you are not showing your friendship with gifts – but these are just so much and I don’t know what else I can say. Thank you!

Here are some photo of how we doodled randomly at Star Vista, taking over the kids, hahaa!

For this past weekend, I met up with Soo Ling and get some real chatting. We had a full meal and walked around in Jurong Point, which was pleasant Smile.

Not only is there some Japanese fair that day – the OWL coffee has a mascot in front of the stall just to cheer up the crowd.

Great Weekend that is.

The next day – which is today, is St. Patrick’s Day. I had stew and some cheese. I didn’t wear green because I can’t find one but I had a whole few hours of listening to Celtic radio plus viewing some of the Comic Relief 2013, which proved to be entertaining, hehehe!

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