Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Clumsiness and Carelessness

I have not been able to progress much in my experiments, practically these few days due to shortage of consumables. It was a pain in the gut because this was not that kind of ‘free’ you wished for when it was something that you cared quite a lot. But I know I can’t control what it is except wait and keep on emailing to get the process faster. And I guess my impatience had made me too eager to hop around that I tried to help out one of the students and ended up breaking a beaker. As a matter of fact, I did break western blot glass plates (2) before, but to break something in the lab is actually a rare occasion for me, given my usual clumsiness.

I grew up a clumsy and careless person, at certain area. As a kid, I had an unlimited amount of falling down and also several events of doing careless mistakes. But surprisingly, I had never been the same when it came to science, except a deep cut when I try to build a silly robot when I was in primary school. When it comes to doing science stuff, no matter it is experiments or some hands on, I am surprisingly not-the-usual-me most of the time. But as I grow up, I slowly learn to reduce my clumsiness elsewhere as well, of course. So when I broke the beaker today, it was quite sad.

I think I am letting things to get to me, impatience. I should be alert and careful next time. So here goes my first ever broken beaker record.

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