Monday, March 25, 2013

FASS Dean’s Alumni Dinner

To start the story, oh wait, do I know where to start the story? The email, yes, the email. Oh wait, I guess there’s more. But anyway, this came with the email I received – it’s better to start that way. It was an email from FASS, an invitation to the FASS Dean’s Alumni Dinner.

My first reaction: ??????

Yes, tonnes and tonnes of question mark. In the end, the only way I found out that was not a bunch of baloney, was when I received a phone call to confirm my attendance. Wow, they take it seriously. I was amazed. Years in a Life Science major, I was not once invited to a dinner (not that I care to have one – or perhaps I ignored the email), but at least I’m sure they didn’t call. But this was confusing. The only thing I did in FASS were my European Studies and French – okay, and some other by bits and pieces modules like Geopolitics and Singapore Studies. And I asked in the end, ‘I was confused – why am I invited again?’ and it was made clear it was due to my minor in European Studies. Seeing that I have not have a tour in Utown before, I decided to try my luck.

And so, I was given this little sticker with my name in Disney font – yes, their record doesn’t mark Mafer as my name because it IS a NICKNAME. And they gave us some goodies like a plushie lion and an umbrella.

The tour was fairly good with really enthusiastic student ambassador. When the dinner started, the dean had some word and it is official that ‘Starbucks – favourite place for the fellow historians – coffee addicts – that’s how they write right?’ I was laughing so hard. I may not be a historian but I completed my minors with half French modules, half history modules. I spend much of my time in library and readings – but I haven’t gone into the ‘realm of historians’ by caffeine.

Anyway, Sapore Italian served good food. Enjoyed their appetizers, main course and dessert. I get to sit with fellow European Studies – which is not much, but that means I have to talk to Prof Turner. It is incredible. Since our table seemed to be the most vacant ones, sadly, we were joined by some students – which is really not a bad idea.

And yes, that was a great dinner – even though it was an event hardly too much to do with me. It relives my third year memories though…

P.S. It is so marvellous to hear that Professor Lockhart who taught History of Christianity (did not took his class but listened to his webcast), is now a residence in U-town and he offers seminars as interesting as ‘The history of Crusades’. Students nowadays are so blessed!

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