Sunday, March 03, 2013

Guess what I found

I was clearing (not exactly thoroughly) my files while waiting myself to be dried and I came across these photos in my ‘Received Files’ folder. I think this happened like way way back then, years ago. I think it was some back to school day and I did not get to bring my school uniform here that year. I ended up wearing my BOP Training camp shirt. I was enjoying the blue cotton candy, which is actually one of my favourite candy, because I was just amazed at the melting part as a kid. I was given a box of multi-coloured popcorns. To think of that, the colourings might have been too scary – but well, I’ve always had those time when I do crazy stupid things, haven’t I? I’ve got face paint and I have no idea why of all colours did I get green and yellow. It made me felt very Brazilian but anyway, go KE! Those are the days when you actually have fun at supper, haha!

Blur Mafer


Roar-y Mafer


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