Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Science and School Saturday

So, as mentioned, I went to Bucket Science two Saturdays ago. After the event, OY and I walked around the Science Centre for some time since they added quite some sections and new exhibits since my last visit. We tried to wait for a chick to hatch but we were not that lucky. She left after some time and I loitered further to have a closer look at all those fun stuff. Yes, fun stuff. I used to be the kid who run up and down the corridors, checking each and every exhibits in science events. I was so easily amazed by things that slowly I realized I was not that excited anymore with school science because I had played with them long long time ago. I enjoyed checking Science first hand rather than listening it from a teacher according to syllabus. I guess I’m just a rebel. Nowadays when I go for exhibits, there were little room to have freedom to be excited as well. It was annoying when you are peeking through the tools when someone nearby were asking stupid questions and I was rather annoyed why didn’t they find out the concept before asking them blindly. Excited about Science is not about yelling questions that you never think through, it is the amazement and appreciation of how much human find out about things happening around us, and how awesome everything around us are pieced together as it is.

Anyway, I spent too much time there that I nearly thought I was late for Grad & Alumni Night for KEVII Hall. We were given the programme scroll. I thought it was just papers but was grateful to see they actually colour-printed the whole things, action counts.

Spot my halo – nah, just me posing with that script, just for fun!

As usual, the KE Media set up a photo booth. I had never thought it as a photo booth except that they are just a place for photos because some residence’s photos are needed. Now to think of it, it does feel like a party.

Alumni even get to take a group photo to identify the old people!

And guess what, this year the graduating seniors get to have their block bears!Sharlene, being in GH block for so many years, get to have the GH bear, which is SUPER cute. You can see me posing with it like many people. Sharlene even let me rub my nose with it!

The G3 Girls, we rocks because we finally publicize our G3 Girl Song on a stage!

Sharlene with her GH Bear!

After that, we actually went to the foyer to celebrate Stephanie’s birthday and have more photos.

Yup, what a memorable day!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bucket Science: A Review

Yesterday morning, I went to Bucket Science, which is actually a symposium organized by a group of science communication student. I attended partly because I know someone is presenting, partly because it is a free entrance to the science centre, partly because free lunch is provided, partly because I am curious how much science communication is done here. I consulted a prof before with my writings and apparently I was given good feedback except my yet-to-improve grammar. He actually mentioned it was a pity there was no known science-writing/communication course here – but I later found out that there is. However, all these are not really my main aim, so it does nothing to change my mind about doing research. I started science writing solely due to the fact that I wanted to truly understand what I read and expressed it in a simpler manner so that others could too! Plus, I haven’t have much experience in writing, so perhaps going to these events might help. Overall, they did well, as in they at least did communicate science. Focus-wise may be too diverse, causing the variety of whole symposium target audience. This could be a good and bad thing. The emcee scripts were making the whole symposium rather bad. They are trying too hard to stick to the theme and telling humour that sometimes what they say did not make sense and it is really not what you want to expect in a science-based event. But to look at each presentations independently, I would say most of them had a ‘pass’ – considering these people might come from a diverse background, that is considered okay. In terms of event management, there were hiccups here and there, which again I have to close one eye because they are no expert. For publicity-wise, it is a bit lack of effort, hence explained the weird combination of audiences. Most of the audiences are people they know, which would not bring out the real effect of communicating science. As what my biology teacher once said, ‘You should reach a standard that one day you could go back and explain to your Ah Ma how plants work’. But well, these are students who just started their steps in science communication – let’s just give them a break, eh, just for once?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unknown Source Quote

It is funny because after so many times I used this quote, I still could not find its source except it is said to be quoted from Albert Camus. There is not even a record of where from his work did this quote came from! But anyway, just wish to record this down as this actually served as an important quote in my life:

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.

Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.

How did this quote came into my life? I had forgotten how it came into my life, but it was definitely quite early in my life when I was still in my secondary school. I was just made prefect then. I may seemed to be a very shy and try-to-keep-by-myself person but inside, I was quite an arrogant person. How so? I rarely look at things from different point of view. I put myself at different level as others. Don’t get me wrong, I still do that kind of mistake nowadays. It is just in my personality or gene that I acted like that. But I am grateful that I came across this quote one day.

I gave it a thought.

I realized how important it is to be able to walk with someone and be on the same journey, even for a little while. I was ashamed on how the younger me thought power is the key to leadership. I then understand a great leader starts from working with others in his team. I am not saying other kind of leadership are foul, once a while – they succeed. But for me, I made a preference. I wish to be a leader where I respect my people and vice versa.

In terms of friendship, this is the same too! I stopped vying for usual trends just to be with a certain clique, but I do not force people around me to follow what I do either. I have my own style, and I admire people who has their own. That is the way society is like, full of people with different style – that’s why we are human, not robots. And through this, I walk with those that I know and be friends.

The Seasoning of a Chef


I just finished this book the other day. It is a sort-of biography of Doug Psaltis about his journey to become a chef. The book tells of how he came into the world of cooking and the trainings he went through. In between, it featured the inner world of being a chef or cooking staff and also what was behind the scene in a restaurant. Doug Psaltis did wrote down how being a chef means having most of your time dedicated to cooking. It sounds a lot like putting most of your time to what you like, and by that it means MOST of your time. It was, of course, not a sacrifice everyone could do.

I had heard many friends who did not like the idea of working hard because they think that is no life and they think they want more family time. I am not saying things against these ideas because I do agree having time for family is essential and having a life that is not just about work-like-a-robot is crucial. However, here, I would like to ask the readers again. How much ‘more’ time do you think family time should be? In the end of your life, it is not about how much time you spend with your family. It is about how you spend your time with your family. There are chef, who spend their time cooking all the time, yet took out their precious little time to ensure quality family time with their family.

Of course, at first I was pitying how little time these chefs are having when I was reading. But later I realized I worked almost at the same hour length as them. The difference, of course, is that my work was not that labour-exhausting, my travel time is definitely shorter, and I do have small little time off in between work which I will do things related to work but not as taxing. And later in his training, Doug Psaltis did went on to be trained as more of a chef than just a cook. In this period, he has to deal with normal cooking but at the same time, he keeps on upgrading himself by experience, experiment and also lots of studying whenever he has time.

Even though his field is not something that I am in, nor is he my idol, but I do take home these interesting quality that might be my mirror as I grow in my life. Even though the book did get boring at times, but it is a good lesson.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

My Wallpaper

Pardon me if this whole post turn out to be a pile of crap in the end as I sort of has a writer block at the moment. Now as I sit in front of my five-year-old laptop, I knew I have a motivating wallpaper just behind the windows of jumbled up stuff. I have been busy, busy doing nonsense, busy doing work, busy trying to improve myself, busy finding myself, busy having fun, busy eating up sorrow – busy having my life. I could not summarize my life with one adjective, because there are too many things happening at the same time – so much that I sometimes wondered if I turned to another thing just in time to escape the previous ones. But overall, I have no regrets in how I lived my life so far.

Recently, the Doctor Who episode is back and as usual, I will put up some interesting photos of the series as my wallpaper. This time, I chose not an in-scene photo, but a backstage photo.


I get more feels from this picture, that’s why. It is a picture showing the in-the-making of a great show. It reminds me the hard work and amount of brilliance put in to make something fantastic that would entertain others. Now, I don’t work in an entertainment industry, but same concept applies.

Many thinks that working hard means there is no life – but as one has said ‘if you like what you’re doing, you don’t need to work a day’. I don’t think that is entirely true, because even in a job that you really like, there are many factors or small details that might not be included in your expectation sometimes, but just like life I wouldn't say that. “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and... bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.” (Doctor Who, Vincent and the Doctor)

But if most part of your work is something you adore, there is no reason why you should not work hard, it became part of you. And you don’t need to worry about ‘no life’ because life is about doing what you like to do, it’s about loving who you love, liking what you like, and so much more by engaging others into your wonderful life – and when you could do that in all aspect of your life, you achieve the balance of life.

I used to frown if I am working too much that I became a hopeless workaholic, but I used to worry of wasting my life away for doing no work. Vice versa, it tells me to do both.

You ask me how’s my life now?

I worked hard when I need to. I studied hard when I have the extra time. I think hard when I do things. I played hard during my playing sessions. I tried hard when it comes to overcoming my weakness. I admit I am not perfect, and I definitely need a lot of polishing, and I am trying my best to be. Once a while, sacrifices had to be done, for example I have to lose an hour of Frisbee to complete my experiment or I have to postpone my experiment because of some paperwork. No matter what it is, it could not be avoided sometimes and I just take it in, and let it go. I feel more grateful as there are much more things that are more difficult to let go – and mine is really something small.

You ask me how’s my life now?

It’s great.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April Awakes

As what I have said on my Facebook, I have been trolling on the social media each early of the month to remind how time has passed and how much time is left of the year. This time round, we are left with nine months as a quarter of the year is gone.

I am still quite busy in many ways, but let me update two interesting things that happened in March:

1) I am now a certified basic open water diver. I took up a open water diving course (also paid quite some money). I see it as learning a new skill and taking up a challenge. Six hundred plus for a certificate, knowledge and a good long weekend vacation – I guess I can’t ask for more.

2) I picked back up my volleyball by joining the staff training. They were pretty serious about the training actually, hence explaining why I ended up not able to touch my arms for a week after my first training. But I guess there are places I could improve and is really enjoying it.

Other than these two event, I organized my Wordpress a bit and wrote a new article on Pitch Drop Experiment.

So far, this is what happened in March.

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