Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April Awakes

As what I have said on my Facebook, I have been trolling on the social media each early of the month to remind how time has passed and how much time is left of the year. This time round, we are left with nine months as a quarter of the year is gone.

I am still quite busy in many ways, but let me update two interesting things that happened in March:

1) I am now a certified basic open water diver. I took up a open water diving course (also paid quite some money). I see it as learning a new skill and taking up a challenge. Six hundred plus for a certificate, knowledge and a good long weekend vacation – I guess I can’t ask for more.

2) I picked back up my volleyball by joining the staff training. They were pretty serious about the training actually, hence explaining why I ended up not able to touch my arms for a week after my first training. But I guess there are places I could improve and is really enjoying it.

Other than these two event, I organized my Wordpress a bit and wrote a new article on Pitch Drop Experiment.

So far, this is what happened in March.

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