Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Science and School Saturday

So, as mentioned, I went to Bucket Science two Saturdays ago. After the event, OY and I walked around the Science Centre for some time since they added quite some sections and new exhibits since my last visit. We tried to wait for a chick to hatch but we were not that lucky. She left after some time and I loitered further to have a closer look at all those fun stuff. Yes, fun stuff. I used to be the kid who run up and down the corridors, checking each and every exhibits in science events. I was so easily amazed by things that slowly I realized I was not that excited anymore with school science because I had played with them long long time ago. I enjoyed checking Science first hand rather than listening it from a teacher according to syllabus. I guess I’m just a rebel. Nowadays when I go for exhibits, there were little room to have freedom to be excited as well. It was annoying when you are peeking through the tools when someone nearby were asking stupid questions and I was rather annoyed why didn’t they find out the concept before asking them blindly. Excited about Science is not about yelling questions that you never think through, it is the amazement and appreciation of how much human find out about things happening around us, and how awesome everything around us are pieced together as it is.

Anyway, I spent too much time there that I nearly thought I was late for Grad & Alumni Night for KEVII Hall. We were given the programme scroll. I thought it was just papers but was grateful to see they actually colour-printed the whole things, action counts.

Spot my halo – nah, just me posing with that script, just for fun!

As usual, the KE Media set up a photo booth. I had never thought it as a photo booth except that they are just a place for photos because some residence’s photos are needed. Now to think of it, it does feel like a party.

Alumni even get to take a group photo to identify the old people!

And guess what, this year the graduating seniors get to have their block bears!Sharlene, being in GH block for so many years, get to have the GH bear, which is SUPER cute. You can see me posing with it like many people. Sharlene even let me rub my nose with it!

The G3 Girls, we rocks because we finally publicize our G3 Girl Song on a stage!

Sharlene with her GH Bear!

After that, we actually went to the foyer to celebrate Stephanie’s birthday and have more photos.

Yup, what a memorable day!

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