Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Seasoning of a Chef


I just finished this book the other day. It is a sort-of biography of Doug Psaltis about his journey to become a chef. The book tells of how he came into the world of cooking and the trainings he went through. In between, it featured the inner world of being a chef or cooking staff and also what was behind the scene in a restaurant. Doug Psaltis did wrote down how being a chef means having most of your time dedicated to cooking. It sounds a lot like putting most of your time to what you like, and by that it means MOST of your time. It was, of course, not a sacrifice everyone could do.

I had heard many friends who did not like the idea of working hard because they think that is no life and they think they want more family time. I am not saying things against these ideas because I do agree having time for family is essential and having a life that is not just about work-like-a-robot is crucial. However, here, I would like to ask the readers again. How much ‘more’ time do you think family time should be? In the end of your life, it is not about how much time you spend with your family. It is about how you spend your time with your family. There are chef, who spend their time cooking all the time, yet took out their precious little time to ensure quality family time with their family.

Of course, at first I was pitying how little time these chefs are having when I was reading. But later I realized I worked almost at the same hour length as them. The difference, of course, is that my work was not that labour-exhausting, my travel time is definitely shorter, and I do have small little time off in between work which I will do things related to work but not as taxing. And later in his training, Doug Psaltis did went on to be trained as more of a chef than just a cook. In this period, he has to deal with normal cooking but at the same time, he keeps on upgrading himself by experience, experiment and also lots of studying whenever he has time.

Even though his field is not something that I am in, nor is he my idol, but I do take home these interesting quality that might be my mirror as I grow in my life. Even though the book did get boring at times, but it is a good lesson.

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