Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Video of My New Room

I probably haven’t say much about my new habitat, but I continued with my vlog on it:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gazebo at Botanic Garden

I drew this off a photograph I took of a gazebo in Singapore Botanic Garden. Everything seems okay except that I might not have been too detailed in my drawing. Another problem would be the drying of paint which I did not work it out thoroughly, hence the smear.

Botanic Garden by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Failed Attempt on Laboratory Art

Well, I thought I might want to draw something science-y with my poster colour but obviously I haven’t know how to handle colour properly.

Laboratory by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Trees and Plains

Trees and Plains by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Was trying a simplistic coloured of plains. Something like the red mountains but for watercolour.

The Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries

If I am a media and communication student, I would have aced my majors. In quite a short period of time, I finished watching too many shows (not that I hadn’t hit the record before – Doctor Who was one). This time round, I’m writing about The Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries. How should I put it? The Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries is like a Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice adaption, just that it is in a modern society, on Youtube and the characters have Twitter accounts.


One of the feature is it being small clips of five to fifteen minutes. This does make the story much simpler, with less words, but still entertaining. Plus, for it being uploaded then and now, it creates a sense of travelling at the same timeline as the character. In this, their Twitter, Tumblr and every social media utilized made the whole story felt real. Audience could feel as though they are actually ‘watching’ a real-life character’s life, only more dramatic. Not to mention the script-writing was rather good with suitable humour and apt emphasis. Other than that, I would give kudos for their make up and decor. Even if it is just a small part, their work in that area did catch my attention, like Jane’s hairstyle. To summarize, their hairstyle, costumes did bring out a presentation of the character with their personality, and that is good. Another thing that I would give a thumbs up was the development of the plot and character which the actors and actresses successfully grew with. They did a great job in showing how the character grew with the plot, which is amazing and I’m sure attracted most of the audiences.


This piece by Hank Green and Bernie Su brought excitement to the netizens I’m sure with their amazing skill in using the social media, turning it into something more than just the ‘old social media’.

Personally, I do enjoy the series, as I laughed at the stupid moments and felt for the character. For me, what is amazing is it is a series that can keep me going on – and that is a compliment. I don’t stick with many series often, and this one did! Plus, it gave me a space to imagine my life if I ever had a sister or whatsoever. It would be such a very different world.

Well, if you want to start, here’s Episode 1:

Performances Videos

So after weeks, I did upload the videos eventually. Thanks to Reuben for his camera, which is really superb with the resolution and the rate it could zoom and focus. My laptop is clogging up with too many files, hence it was quite a drive to upload all these and send the raw files into archive and clear up some space for my lappy. Anyway, the performances were good!

The first one is the Concerto pour Deux Voix performed by Hazel and Michelle.

Then at the almost last on the programme list, were performances by Hazel and Ek Theng. They initiated their scene with the Minion’s speech then with KEVII Song and G3 Sisters. Entertaining and not to mention Ek Theng’s entertaining speeches as well!


Friday, May 10, 2013

May Day Mayday M’aider!

It is a shame!

It is now almost ten days into a new month and I haven’t even do some roundups about last month or whatsoever!

April has been as peaceful as ever. I am still struggling through my work and life. I had quite some events which allowed me to connect with old pals, close or far. This is one which I went back KEVII Hall for Grad and Alumni Night. I wrote a post on that.

Other than that, I went back for Saturday Softball, because it was set as one of the Sayonara Softball, last few sessions for the graduating softball players. I should consider myself lucky to be able to play softball still after graduation.

In April and till now, I have thus far posted three science blog post. They were about a green building, a fun post about wringing wet cloth in space and lastly about nectarine bat’s tongue.

And now heading into May, I am now shifted – displaced to a new place. It is more expensive but with more ‘luxury’ at the same time. It was quite flustering at first as I am not really good at handling changes, especially something that has to do with my life. I thank my friends who gave me words and acts of encouragement as I walk through my adjustment, with my new place and new job (not really new actually – that shows how un-adaptive I am).

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ripper Street by BBC: A Review

I couldn’t believe that I did finish the first series of Ripper Street, despite being extremely busy with a lot of things around my life. I did not expect myself to actually continue this series that seemed to be an emulation of Sherlock Holmes after the first episode. Quite the contrary, I wouldn’t say it was an exciting, cutting-edge series but it has the flow. The series took place at the street after an episodes of Jack the Ripper’s murder. Darkness still fill every corner of the street while the Detective Inspector, whom had his own personal history entangled with his investigation on Jack the Ripper’s case, tried to solve each case in the suspicious of Ripper being behind of these. Since Ripper’s murder swirled around the prostitutes and the ‘walkers’, there were quite some involvement of sex and prostitution and women. However, that also means we could see quite some female characters that spice up the series in one way or another. Throughout the series, there were times when the personal history of the three main characters came back to haunt them, which made the series more than just a CSI, but an adventure with the character. But at the same time, if you expect some twist and turns of the plot and unexpectedness, Ripper Street could only provide a bare minimum of that. Most of the time, things are expected. It was the writing of the plot and the development that made me don’t mind finishing the series, seriously.

My opinion, definitely worth a try to test if you like it.

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