Friday, May 10, 2013

May Day Mayday M’aider!

It is a shame!

It is now almost ten days into a new month and I haven’t even do some roundups about last month or whatsoever!

April has been as peaceful as ever. I am still struggling through my work and life. I had quite some events which allowed me to connect with old pals, close or far. This is one which I went back KEVII Hall for Grad and Alumni Night. I wrote a post on that.

Other than that, I went back for Saturday Softball, because it was set as one of the Sayonara Softball, last few sessions for the graduating softball players. I should consider myself lucky to be able to play softball still after graduation.

In April and till now, I have thus far posted three science blog post. They were about a green building, a fun post about wringing wet cloth in space and lastly about nectarine bat’s tongue.

And now heading into May, I am now shifted – displaced to a new place. It is more expensive but with more ‘luxury’ at the same time. It was quite flustering at first as I am not really good at handling changes, especially something that has to do with my life. I thank my friends who gave me words and acts of encouragement as I walk through my adjustment, with my new place and new job (not really new actually – that shows how un-adaptive I am).

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