Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ripper Street by BBC: A Review

I couldn’t believe that I did finish the first series of Ripper Street, despite being extremely busy with a lot of things around my life. I did not expect myself to actually continue this series that seemed to be an emulation of Sherlock Holmes after the first episode. Quite the contrary, I wouldn’t say it was an exciting, cutting-edge series but it has the flow. The series took place at the street after an episodes of Jack the Ripper’s murder. Darkness still fill every corner of the street while the Detective Inspector, whom had his own personal history entangled with his investigation on Jack the Ripper’s case, tried to solve each case in the suspicious of Ripper being behind of these. Since Ripper’s murder swirled around the prostitutes and the ‘walkers’, there were quite some involvement of sex and prostitution and women. However, that also means we could see quite some female characters that spice up the series in one way or another. Throughout the series, there were times when the personal history of the three main characters came back to haunt them, which made the series more than just a CSI, but an adventure with the character. But at the same time, if you expect some twist and turns of the plot and unexpectedness, Ripper Street could only provide a bare minimum of that. Most of the time, things are expected. It was the writing of the plot and the development that made me don’t mind finishing the series, seriously.

My opinion, definitely worth a try to test if you like it.

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