Friday, June 28, 2013


This past Wednesday was the first time I visited a dentist in Singapore. Personally, I was not familiar with the healthcare benefit in Singapore. In Malaysia, if you are a student, you get almost equal to free medical support in school clinics, but in Singapore – you might want to check it out if they charge you at an expensive price. For the locals here, the price might be reasonable or get-used-to, but for a foreigner like me who save by scraps, it is rather something I need to calculate about. But the day has come when I felt there was something wrong with my wisdom tooth. It chipped and left a hole there!

My first reaction was ‘oh no!’, because it means I need to visit a dentist (which I am not truly fond of) and I have to pay. So far as I know, iMediCare does not cover dental fees (which later I found something else). But it is about teeth and it IS of my wisdom tooth, which could aggravate if I ignore it. So, thinking that since I was in school, I called up the school dental clinic for appointment.

‘Our clinic is a private clinic hor.’

That was one of our conversation. I did not care much as all I wanted to do was to settle my tooth. Things went on as usual until the day before the appointment when I was wondering what if I can’t afford the fee. What if after everything, I realize I have to eat nothing for months and lose all the meagre savings that I saved from cutting down my eateries? But it is about my tooth – I can’t just ignore.

I checked with my senior who is in fact a dentist already. He offered his clinic which I initially didn’t mind in visiting but the location was just too far. In the end, I did consult him about the fees and how the procedures of visiting dental clinic in Singapore. I appreciate all the kindness. To be truth, after knowing him for years and working with him through activities, his character and as a person gave a no doubt in trusting him as a dentist I would visit in future, so I will take note of that – even though *touch wood* that might means my teeth is not okay.

Anyway, I went early that day for my appointment and filled up my particulars. It turned out I had TWO cavities. What a shame! It was quite embarrassing because I asked ‘how much’ when he asked if I wanted to fill them. I was just worried if I will go bankrupt just for a dental service. In fact, the dentist suggested me to extract my wisdom tooth, considering that is growing long. I was even told there were two wisdom teeth that are halfway and hence would need a surgery. Of course, I would not want such a surgery at such a moment so I decided to do the filling just for the moment.

I paid eighty dollars per tooth filling in the end.

But one of the good things is, I get to claim it through HealthChoice, which I usually used to claim my flight tickets. After all, this is the kind of thing I have to fix, so – no choice.

So, this is my first time visiting a dentist in Singapore.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Great Perhaps: ... is perhaps great?

The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno has taken me by surprise as I thought it was just another teenage read. Judging the book by its cover, I could see it is a book catered for teenagers and wondered if it is an adventure-centric story. The story took off from a setting of a family, which I thought was boring at first, but what comes after that displayed a gravity that supported my reading till the end.

Even though this book is of what happened within a family, it detailed to each individual with their own life and concerns and how these affected those around them and in return affecting their own life again. It is just like - Life! It describes the inner emotions of various individuals not usually by their inner thought, but by their actions. Little things they did that could tell so much more about the real world they were living in from the character's perspective.

However, I do feel a bit skeptical with the final chapter when all of sudden everything seems to come into place and we've got a happy ending. It feels cozy and warming - and happy, but it does feel a bit abrupt and contrived.

My personal opinion, this book is a read-once-and-it-is-enough kind.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Album to the Compilation

This is just a news too long ago, but music accompany me most of the time, even though I do like nature sound. After selecting for quite some time, I finally bought in two CDs, to show my appreciation to the music creator. I get The Origin of Love by MIKA and Babel by Mumford & Sons.

Why did I get these?

First, I like their music. Second, their album has higher number of songs that I like. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that others are lousy. It just so happen that most of the time, a certain album will have some really nice song, but there are only one or two of them and the rest of the album is filled with not-so-attractive songs. In this case, this two album could hit at least 80% of nice songs – so a tick.

But of course, someone would have suggested me to get an album of ‘Best Hits’. But I am a bit stubborn here, I wish to get albums from a single band or artist rather than a pot of mixture – it is just me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the two CDs and has been taking them out to play once a while just to be in the feel!

June, when summer officially starts…

This probably sounds negative but it is June and I decided to be nice just for this month and stop trolling just at once. To look on the bright side, you have not pass half of a year!

To me, I was rather inactive during May. Work wise, I was not doing exceptionally hardworking because I did applied for a week’s leave to go back home for vacation. But other than that, May seems good.

I started a new life in May, in a new environment. It was hard at first, it is hard still. After all, adaption does not come to me naturally in certain aspect. I engaged in local community in any way I could. I tried to find back a schedule which I am comfortable to live with. And I guess it is going well so far.

Not only that, I get to meet Soo Ling more. I went Navy Open House 2013 with her. With that, we received the news of Shiny coming to Singapore soon.

After that, I went back Penang for recharge, vacation, whatever positive terms you can use. Within the week, I spent one and a half day with the boat mates to ESCape Adventure Park and pillow talk. Then Carmen told me she was coming for three days two nights. I became her tour buddy for that trip and spent the nights in a guesthouse again. For this trip, I explored Georgetown and find street arts.

And then I came back early June, to find summer has started…

In May, I also blogged about a Science artist’s blog: Beatrice the Biologist.

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