Friday, June 28, 2013


This past Wednesday was the first time I visited a dentist in Singapore. Personally, I was not familiar with the healthcare benefit in Singapore. In Malaysia, if you are a student, you get almost equal to free medical support in school clinics, but in Singapore – you might want to check it out if they charge you at an expensive price. For the locals here, the price might be reasonable or get-used-to, but for a foreigner like me who save by scraps, it is rather something I need to calculate about. But the day has come when I felt there was something wrong with my wisdom tooth. It chipped and left a hole there!

My first reaction was ‘oh no!’, because it means I need to visit a dentist (which I am not truly fond of) and I have to pay. So far as I know, iMediCare does not cover dental fees (which later I found something else). But it is about teeth and it IS of my wisdom tooth, which could aggravate if I ignore it. So, thinking that since I was in school, I called up the school dental clinic for appointment.

‘Our clinic is a private clinic hor.’

That was one of our conversation. I did not care much as all I wanted to do was to settle my tooth. Things went on as usual until the day before the appointment when I was wondering what if I can’t afford the fee. What if after everything, I realize I have to eat nothing for months and lose all the meagre savings that I saved from cutting down my eateries? But it is about my tooth – I can’t just ignore.

I checked with my senior who is in fact a dentist already. He offered his clinic which I initially didn’t mind in visiting but the location was just too far. In the end, I did consult him about the fees and how the procedures of visiting dental clinic in Singapore. I appreciate all the kindness. To be truth, after knowing him for years and working with him through activities, his character and as a person gave a no doubt in trusting him as a dentist I would visit in future, so I will take note of that – even though *touch wood* that might means my teeth is not okay.

Anyway, I went early that day for my appointment and filled up my particulars. It turned out I had TWO cavities. What a shame! It was quite embarrassing because I asked ‘how much’ when he asked if I wanted to fill them. I was just worried if I will go bankrupt just for a dental service. In fact, the dentist suggested me to extract my wisdom tooth, considering that is growing long. I was even told there were two wisdom teeth that are halfway and hence would need a surgery. Of course, I would not want such a surgery at such a moment so I decided to do the filling just for the moment.

I paid eighty dollars per tooth filling in the end.

But one of the good things is, I get to claim it through HealthChoice, which I usually used to claim my flight tickets. After all, this is the kind of thing I have to fix, so – no choice.

So, this is my first time visiting a dentist in Singapore.

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