Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June, when summer officially starts…

This probably sounds negative but it is June and I decided to be nice just for this month and stop trolling just at once. To look on the bright side, you have not pass half of a year!

To me, I was rather inactive during May. Work wise, I was not doing exceptionally hardworking because I did applied for a week’s leave to go back home for vacation. But other than that, May seems good.

I started a new life in May, in a new environment. It was hard at first, it is hard still. After all, adaption does not come to me naturally in certain aspect. I engaged in local community in any way I could. I tried to find back a schedule which I am comfortable to live with. And I guess it is going well so far.

Not only that, I get to meet Soo Ling more. I went Navy Open House 2013 with her. With that, we received the news of Shiny coming to Singapore soon.

After that, I went back Penang for recharge, vacation, whatever positive terms you can use. Within the week, I spent one and a half day with the boat mates to ESCape Adventure Park and pillow talk. Then Carmen told me she was coming for three days two nights. I became her tour buddy for that trip and spent the nights in a guesthouse again. For this trip, I explored Georgetown and find street arts.

And then I came back early June, to find summer has started…

In May, I also blogged about a Science artist’s blog: Beatrice the Biologist.

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