Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Great Perhaps: ... is perhaps great?

The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno has taken me by surprise as I thought it was just another teenage read. Judging the book by its cover, I could see it is a book catered for teenagers and wondered if it is an adventure-centric story. The story took off from a setting of a family, which I thought was boring at first, but what comes after that displayed a gravity that supported my reading till the end.

Even though this book is of what happened within a family, it detailed to each individual with their own life and concerns and how these affected those around them and in return affecting their own life again. It is just like - Life! It describes the inner emotions of various individuals not usually by their inner thought, but by their actions. Little things they did that could tell so much more about the real world they were living in from the character's perspective.

However, I do feel a bit skeptical with the final chapter when all of sudden everything seems to come into place and we've got a happy ending. It feels cozy and warming - and happy, but it does feel a bit abrupt and contrived.

My personal opinion, this book is a read-once-and-it-is-enough kind.

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