Sunday, July 07, 2013

July: The Second Half

Happy Penang Heritage Day!

Yes, it is indeed a public holiday in Penang, Malaysia. But I am not there, so I am excluded from all the excitement and nice food. Two years ago, same day, I graduated from NUS as well, as an undergraduate. I did not score very well, I was happy to have my family around for my commencement, but I wasn’t very happy with my bad-beings during my undergrad life. It was a painful period of time, and I am still trying to walk out of that shadow.

Well, let’s hold the penitence just there. This post is about half a year has gone.

As we busied our way through our daily life, time has passed. The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom might tell about how it is bad that human started to fear the sensation of ‘time running out’, but in my opinion, it is more of how that will remind the pea-brain of human’s to be aware of living a fulfilling life. As I hopped around the lab, learning and stumbling – little did I notice that 50% of the year had just crossed itself out. I do know that it was June already as how I recorded every month, but June brushed pass me as lightly as I realize.

In June, I shifted the lab with fellow lab members. It was a tremendous experience, mixed with good and bad part of it. Its remnants still linger now. I learned a lot through this event, no doubt. Just after moving in, the haze came to Singapore – yes the serious hazardous haze.

It was at first thought to be some normal haze occurrence as what Singapore always had annually. However, this year, due to many factors, it was really bad. The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) rose from a normal range until the hazardous range. I cancelled all my outdoors due to it. I can’t even breathe inside my own room, on my bed. Even in an indoor lab, we could smell the burned smell all day long. It is unpleasant. There was a N95 mask fiasco around for some time before the wind came to rescue. It blew the haze away from Singapore and arrived through Malaysia. I called back Penang to ask my parents to be ready with their mask if it worsen. It did get worse, though in Penang it was not as bad as other part of Malaysia. N95 masks were also sold out in Penang. My mum did get to buy some after that but that was when the haze was not that bad anymore. I asked her to keep those extras in case of this ‘annual’ event.

Anyway, the haze stood between our softball matches for Usport. In the end, we did finish the game. I played on Padang, SRC for a second year. Being a team which didn’t train together, I did not expect much of it, but there were mistakes that could have been done better. That gave me more alert of ‘give your 100% no matter what you do – perhaps except giving blood’. But the precious thing about this year round, I get to know other hall team member better. We ended up with jump shots on Padang. I hope we will play together more often. I treasure the relationship we had there.

Randomly, I do get surprises on my way home like this:

I went to the dentist, which I mentioned in my previous post. I had a couple of meet ups with friends, which I reckoned to be a vital part to maintain my social circle. Not just that, one of my high school boatmate came to Singapore as well. Soo Ling and I managed to meet up and check on her so far.

In between, I finished quite a few books and posted about how oleocanthal could be used to prevent Alzheimer’s. Not to mention Matt Smith’s announcement to leave Doctor Who, with his incarnation of the Doctor regenerating end of this year during the Christmas special.

So that’s for June and I shall start my another 50% of the year with more meaningful things to do!

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