Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rare Teatime and Sumptuous Dinner

This is something rare because it is extremely hard to get Sharlene out for a chat and this time, she called me up.

Just came back from her leave, she dropped by and we settled some official stuff and had lemon with aloe vera drink from Science canteen. Get to talk to her more and of course trying to foresee where we will be in future, totally awesome and cool brief meet up.

Dinner was great!


Because it was free, BBQ, served, and with variety. Since we won quite some money for the games, we could afford really quality food instead of cheap processed normal sausages. We had baguette and herbs loaf, salad, sweet potatoes, corn, salmon, mushrooms and many more. I can’t remember how many brownies I ate. I didn’t get to the alcohol because I am not with a bunch of people I’m familiar with – plus, I’m a total-alcohol-waster. I get a lot of sodas though. I appreciate the graduate students preparing the food and the time being with fellow people. Cool!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fall On My Knees

Wednesday frisbee, I literally fall on my knees.
I was chasing the frisbee, dashing for the last few seconds, hoping I could get my hands on the plate, yet I didn’t make it. I fall flat, knees first, hands second. I thought it would be a normal abrasion injury but something was not right when I got back up, I felt my knee in pain. I got bruises for it, but not sure if it was something as severe as to need to see a doctor.
I nursed a night and went for some game on Thursday, to test the water.
It hurts tremendously at first, but as warming up came, things were getting okay.
At least, it is now day four and I think it is recovering quite well except bruises and bad limbs. I was even thinking to myself, what if this mean an end to my sports life? What if I am meant to live the rest of my life not doing anything faster than walking? And I told myself if that was what it meant to be, there is nothing I could do. So, I do my best in nursing the injury and leave the rest for nature to take its course.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lunch at Saporé Italiano

Today after finishing our supposed preparation, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice meal and thought of the western food in business side, but we ended up in UTown with too many squeezing-bus school kids. So we decided to have our lunch in this restaurant instead. It seems to be an expensive choice but by sharing, we had our fair share.

We started with baked rice and then all the pizzas were served. We had a pesto bread. It is superb, partly because I  like pesto. Chicken tomato pizza is nice, though quite common in my opinion. The last one is bella italiano pizza. I loved it with the mascarpone, sun-dried tomatoes and everything forming the combination.

It was a super-full lunch, which send me too much energy to dash through my experiments after that.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of the Sem in Prep Lab

Yesterday morning, I went into the recently-shifted prep lab to be greeted,"Morning, prep lead – you’re now a senior, not a junior anymore.” I then remembered my co-lead had to be late due to another schedule.

This is exactly what I learned along my working life: being junior or new, seems not to be a mature excuse for not knowing anything. When I first joined the lab, I was expected to understand how the whole thing work within a week and manage the whole flow within a month. By the end of the day, I realized my ability is partly depends on how fast I can stop using ‘I’m a junior’ as a reason.

This time, it is official that I am recognized as a senior and being trusted with the role to lead a preparation. However, I appreciate how the others gave me so many useful tips and suggestions that I could refer to when I am planning the flow, and also most importantly the experienced co-lead I had. We started with a bit of hurdle since we were in quite a chaos with all the things put in different places due to shifting. But after a while, we slowly get used to it and manoeuvred the way we work according to the space given. We still miss our old place, but this is what we are left with.

I have to thank for being lucky for I am teaching a not-so-junior junior. She knows her stuff and the whole process pretty much felt like both of us revising the practical rather than a one-way education. I like that. Plus, we did it quite quickly.

Alas, we are not done just yet because we still have so many weeks ahead. I will take this post as an opportunity, to dare myself to learn from these.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An End to a 4-Day ‘Holiday’

While I sit here, waiting my hair to properly dry itself, I would write an end to this four-day-holiday, which I succeed in preventing myself from going to lab. I spent the first day of the holiday resting at home, reading and relaxing. I had Friday with my high school boatmate, eating good food and have some study time like a student in UTown. Saturday, I went MacRitchie with fellow boatmates and Zhuangli and spend the rest of the day resting. Today (an hour plus ago/Sunday), I went for Raya lunch at Lydia’s and met Thomas, then I had some play time with Hazel, Ek Theng, Sharlene – and Nugget. Many things happened and I had came up with a few more philosophical ideas. I am thinking of writing my view down in posts in the future…

So these are a super-summary of my ‘holiday’ and it’s time to sleep well for Monday!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

August Pocus(t)!

When I count down for every month, I feel time passing by fast yet slow. I recognized the swiftness of each month passing by as I update a post, yet I know how slow it could be when I put myself in a life to be as full as it could be before the next month kicks in. But in this timeline, we are moving forward, and what has to come has to come.

In July, nothing especially special happened. I had meet ups, I witnessed Elaine’s baptism, I missed my friends’ commencement and lots of other things.

I finished Ender’s Shadow, which made the foundation to watch Ender’s Game solid *awaits the movie*.

I did wrote about bats and hummingbird pollination, and plastisphere.

So August started with a blast of meet ups as well. And without even saying ‘hello’, the first week was gone and I am now enjoying the long weekend which is the second weekend of August. I had a Joyous July and I want to make my August Awesome, how about you?

Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant

As part of my Hari Raya holiday mood, I decided to enjoy one good meal near my place. Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant that is situated near West Coast Community Centre that I passed by most of the time. It was not a shop with big billboard, nor is it a shop that makes its appearance known by large scale. Perhaps that is why it is rather quiet today, on a public holiday. I think I do remember it was rather popular for night diner though.

Anyway, I ordered a Pork Bulgogi set. It comes with – tada – 11 side dishes, even though I was alone. I was served with a jug of ice water, self service along the course. The dishes are nice!

At the end of the meal, I was given a slice of orange and a sweet drink that taste like cinnamon. I Googled it and it might be SuJeongGwa.

The whole meal, inclusive of tax, cost SD14.10. It is not the usual student Korean meal price, but I take it for the restaurant’s serenity and the sides. Worth a try!

Selamat Hari Raya!

It’s Hari Raya today, when my Muslim friends will break their fast and celebrate! For me, other than celebrating that, I celebrate the start of a four-day weekend as well. What should I do with such a luxury then?

I have a couple of things in hand to do, I want to make full use of these days, to rest well, recharge, study well, train well and perhaps decorate it with a few social activities here and there, nothing too strenuous is preferred.

First morning, I gave myself a leeway to sleep for as long as I could and woke up only at 9am. THAT was great. And I went through my morning rituals as usual with an extra stunt, I did a video – a total random video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Twelfth Hour

“For the last of the Time Lords, the clock is striking twelve."

Some time ago, Matt Smith, who stars the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, announced his exit during the Christmas Special or rather the 50th Anniversary episode during which his generation of doctor will regenerate into the new doctor. Since then, speculations and hypes were in the air of who will step into the big shoes next?

Putting my own experience in, this will be the real first time a change in doctor in my time. I did not start watching Doctor Who until 2012, second semester of my third year. By that time, Matt Smith was already The Doctor. The first Doctor Who episode I watched was of Tenth. Because, David Tennant was why I know about Doctor Who – it came from my Harry Potter fandom. However, I did not considered him as my first Doctor but Ninth. I proceed to watch from the start of the 2005 series, which made me seeing Ninth as my first Doctor. When he changed to Tenth, it was too short of a life time and I haven’t even sink in. And Tenth’s era was too long and I started to get bored at some point. Do take note that this is due to me watching all of the series in one go, that is a valid reason to get bored even though it was nicely written. Then when it goes to regeneration into Eleventh, I have already halfway into the fandom. It remembered my first reaction was ‘who’s that potato who acted as The Doctor?’. Apparently, Matt Smith’s face might be too much of a contrast in comparison to Tennant’s. However, Smith’s professionalism and skills caught my attention and I remained liking his version of Doctor until – I have no idea, still liking his Doctor.

No matter how, there is always a time when you have to leave and I reckon for Matt Smith, it is time. You can’t keep going on and on and on and people will just get ‘urgh’ and despite the notion of missing Eleventh, I prepared for Twelfth.

And it is funny how I am writing this as it is approaching twelve.

Sunday, 5th August 2013 7pm British time, the Twelfth Doctor was revealed as Peter Capaldi. I thought of Giuseppe Garibaldi actually – well. Just like Matt Smith, I have no solid idea who he was and what he did. I guess that was a good thing. Now I could remember his appearence in Pompeii but that was all. He appeared like this at the promo shoot, which I like a lot:



First, you can’t miss that blazer. Blue blazer, that’s cool – Navy blue/Prussian blue blazer, that’s awesome! The clothes matching brings out the TARDIS-ness. And the first thing I saw Peter Capaldi’s photo, I saw a trace of William Hartnell, the sort-of-‘sinister’ look/smile, the mystery inside a Time Lord. He looked crazy, which is a legitimate reason to be joyful and with the hand position. Not showing the whole face, as though holding something back. Superb photography.

And when I saw the video:

Great, even the way he spoke seems nice! So not to put my hopes to high to fully enjoy the thrill, I am now calming my emotions and go with the wind(the show).

I will miss all the Doctors before and awaits excitements and adventures ahead. Geronimo!

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