Sunday, August 11, 2013

An End to a 4-Day ‘Holiday’

While I sit here, waiting my hair to properly dry itself, I would write an end to this four-day-holiday, which I succeed in preventing myself from going to lab. I spent the first day of the holiday resting at home, reading and relaxing. I had Friday with my high school boatmate, eating good food and have some study time like a student in UTown. Saturday, I went MacRitchie with fellow boatmates and Zhuangli and spend the rest of the day resting. Today (an hour plus ago/Sunday), I went for Raya lunch at Lydia’s and met Thomas, then I had some play time with Hazel, Ek Theng, Sharlene – and Nugget. Many things happened and I had came up with a few more philosophical ideas. I am thinking of writing my view down in posts in the future…

So these are a super-summary of my ‘holiday’ and it’s time to sleep well for Monday!

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