Thursday, August 08, 2013

August Pocus(t)!

When I count down for every month, I feel time passing by fast yet slow. I recognized the swiftness of each month passing by as I update a post, yet I know how slow it could be when I put myself in a life to be as full as it could be before the next month kicks in. But in this timeline, we are moving forward, and what has to come has to come.

In July, nothing especially special happened. I had meet ups, I witnessed Elaine’s baptism, I missed my friends’ commencement and lots of other things.

I finished Ender’s Shadow, which made the foundation to watch Ender’s Game solid *awaits the movie*.

I did wrote about bats and hummingbird pollination, and plastisphere.

So August started with a blast of meet ups as well. And without even saying ‘hello’, the first week was gone and I am now enjoying the long weekend which is the second weekend of August. I had a Joyous July and I want to make my August Awesome, how about you?

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