Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fall On My Knees

Wednesday frisbee, I literally fall on my knees.
I was chasing the frisbee, dashing for the last few seconds, hoping I could get my hands on the plate, yet I didn’t make it. I fall flat, knees first, hands second. I thought it would be a normal abrasion injury but something was not right when I got back up, I felt my knee in pain. I got bruises for it, but not sure if it was something as severe as to need to see a doctor.
I nursed a night and went for some game on Thursday, to test the water.
It hurts tremendously at first, but as warming up came, things were getting okay.
At least, it is now day four and I think it is recovering quite well except bruises and bad limbs. I was even thinking to myself, what if this mean an end to my sports life? What if I am meant to live the rest of my life not doing anything faster than walking? And I told myself if that was what it meant to be, there is nothing I could do. So, I do my best in nursing the injury and leave the rest for nature to take its course.

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