Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of the Sem in Prep Lab

Yesterday morning, I went into the recently-shifted prep lab to be greeted,"Morning, prep lead – you’re now a senior, not a junior anymore.” I then remembered my co-lead had to be late due to another schedule.

This is exactly what I learned along my working life: being junior or new, seems not to be a mature excuse for not knowing anything. When I first joined the lab, I was expected to understand how the whole thing work within a week and manage the whole flow within a month. By the end of the day, I realized my ability is partly depends on how fast I can stop using ‘I’m a junior’ as a reason.

This time, it is official that I am recognized as a senior and being trusted with the role to lead a preparation. However, I appreciate how the others gave me so many useful tips and suggestions that I could refer to when I am planning the flow, and also most importantly the experienced co-lead I had. We started with a bit of hurdle since we were in quite a chaos with all the things put in different places due to shifting. But after a while, we slowly get used to it and manoeuvred the way we work according to the space given. We still miss our old place, but this is what we are left with.

I have to thank for being lucky for I am teaching a not-so-junior junior. She knows her stuff and the whole process pretty much felt like both of us revising the practical rather than a one-way education. I like that. Plus, we did it quite quickly.

Alas, we are not done just yet because we still have so many weeks ahead. I will take this post as an opportunity, to dare myself to learn from these.

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