Thursday, August 08, 2013

Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant

As part of my Hari Raya holiday mood, I decided to enjoy one good meal near my place. Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant that is situated near West Coast Community Centre that I passed by most of the time. It was not a shop with big billboard, nor is it a shop that makes its appearance known by large scale. Perhaps that is why it is rather quiet today, on a public holiday. I think I do remember it was rather popular for night diner though.

Anyway, I ordered a Pork Bulgogi set. It comes with – tada – 11 side dishes, even though I was alone. I was served with a jug of ice water, self service along the course. The dishes are nice!

At the end of the meal, I was given a slice of orange and a sweet drink that taste like cinnamon. I Googled it and it might be SuJeongGwa.

The whole meal, inclusive of tax, cost SD14.10. It is not the usual student Korean meal price, but I take it for the restaurant’s serenity and the sides. Worth a try!

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