Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rare Teatime and Sumptuous Dinner

This is something rare because it is extremely hard to get Sharlene out for a chat and this time, she called me up.

Just came back from her leave, she dropped by and we settled some official stuff and had lemon with aloe vera drink from Science canteen. Get to talk to her more and of course trying to foresee where we will be in future, totally awesome and cool brief meet up.

Dinner was great!


Because it was free, BBQ, served, and with variety. Since we won quite some money for the games, we could afford really quality food instead of cheap processed normal sausages. We had baguette and herbs loaf, salad, sweet potatoes, corn, salmon, mushrooms and many more. I can’t remember how many brownies I ate. I didn’t get to the alcohol because I am not with a bunch of people I’m familiar with – plus, I’m a total-alcohol-waster. I get a lot of sodas though. I appreciate the graduate students preparing the food and the time being with fellow people. Cool!

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