Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Twelfth Hour

“For the last of the Time Lords, the clock is striking twelve."

Some time ago, Matt Smith, who stars the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, announced his exit during the Christmas Special or rather the 50th Anniversary episode during which his generation of doctor will regenerate into the new doctor. Since then, speculations and hypes were in the air of who will step into the big shoes next?

Putting my own experience in, this will be the real first time a change in doctor in my time. I did not start watching Doctor Who until 2012, second semester of my third year. By that time, Matt Smith was already The Doctor. The first Doctor Who episode I watched was of Tenth. Because, David Tennant was why I know about Doctor Who – it came from my Harry Potter fandom. However, I did not considered him as my first Doctor but Ninth. I proceed to watch from the start of the 2005 series, which made me seeing Ninth as my first Doctor. When he changed to Tenth, it was too short of a life time and I haven’t even sink in. And Tenth’s era was too long and I started to get bored at some point. Do take note that this is due to me watching all of the series in one go, that is a valid reason to get bored even though it was nicely written. Then when it goes to regeneration into Eleventh, I have already halfway into the fandom. It remembered my first reaction was ‘who’s that potato who acted as The Doctor?’. Apparently, Matt Smith’s face might be too much of a contrast in comparison to Tennant’s. However, Smith’s professionalism and skills caught my attention and I remained liking his version of Doctor until – I have no idea, still liking his Doctor.

No matter how, there is always a time when you have to leave and I reckon for Matt Smith, it is time. You can’t keep going on and on and on and people will just get ‘urgh’ and despite the notion of missing Eleventh, I prepared for Twelfth.

And it is funny how I am writing this as it is approaching twelve.

Sunday, 5th August 2013 7pm British time, the Twelfth Doctor was revealed as Peter Capaldi. I thought of Giuseppe Garibaldi actually – well. Just like Matt Smith, I have no solid idea who he was and what he did. I guess that was a good thing. Now I could remember his appearence in Pompeii but that was all. He appeared like this at the promo shoot, which I like a lot:



First, you can’t miss that blazer. Blue blazer, that’s cool – Navy blue/Prussian blue blazer, that’s awesome! The clothes matching brings out the TARDIS-ness. And the first thing I saw Peter Capaldi’s photo, I saw a trace of William Hartnell, the sort-of-‘sinister’ look/smile, the mystery inside a Time Lord. He looked crazy, which is a legitimate reason to be joyful and with the hand position. Not showing the whole face, as though holding something back. Superb photography.

And when I saw the video:

Great, even the way he spoke seems nice! So not to put my hopes to high to fully enjoy the thrill, I am now calming my emotions and go with the wind(the show).

I will miss all the Doctors before and awaits excitements and adventures ahead. Geronimo!

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