Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Guilin

If you haven’t read much of my blog, I would like to introduce to you one of the series I have been (not-so-successfully) writing about my after-graduation trip around Singapore here. There was once I went to this Little Guilin near Bukit Batok. It was a lovely place, even though it was small. I was simply amazed by how close am I with the nature and the lake/pond and the stone hill. And months later, I drew this out of my admiration of that place:

Little Guilin by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

My Not-So Grad Trip

This is a post showing a collection of journey I had taken this last summer, which in fact was one half day trip. I had not been planning for a grad trip, due to several reasons such as finding a job, lack of financial support and simple because I think touring somewhere is not as cool as staying somewhere for study. I was literally rotting in house due to everyday routine of *TBE*
Half Day In Singapore Series: (Album here)
Armenian Church
Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
Central Fire Station
Church of Sts Peter and Paul
Masonry, National Archive, Peranakan Museum Et cetera
National Arts Council & Fort Canning Park

Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Cricket Club

Tour with Priscillia Series:

Bukit Batok Nature Park

National Museum of Singapore Architectural Tour


Owl’s Eye

There was once I was inspired by the eye, and an eye of an owl. Eye as the window to one’s soul. That’s why I can’t usually stand having eye contact with people. It felt very exposed, piercing. Now, I could remind myself to maintain eye contact if I was forced to or during important occasion. It was part of survival. But the eye contains so much mystery…

Owl's Eye by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

I hope you like it. This one is not very realistic, I was just fancy colouring the yellowish part of the eye. XD

Cups (Anna Kendrick)–Cover

I like this song and the way she sang it. The chords are quite easy, just that I can’t sing that high, so I transposed the chords down a bit(not exactly a bit):

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mooncake Festival

Yesterday was the official day for mooncake festival, but celebrations I attended were way before that…

Earlier of the lunar month, I shared some mooncakes with colleagues to celebrate such festives with the group. It is a social thing, but turned out to be a platform for me to learn about different mooncakes and food, as it always does. We had tea, which is so traditional.

The volleyball team had another ‘mooncake under the moon’ session the day before yesterday. We had it on a volleyball court, with snacks and mooncakes and one zhu long bing per person, like the photo below. It was nice, because that was so casual. I left the zhu long bing until yesterday for consumption, just to celebrate it right on that day.

Afterall, zhu long bing was the only mooncake I eat when I was a kid.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Awesome August?

Is my August awesome?

I would like to say ‘pretty much so’, but that might not be entirely precise. My august must have been imbued with too much fun that it slipped through so quickly. That is, to the extend that I think I had too much fun and did nothing much in terms of important stuff. I can say I have been reading, studying or whatever – but there are no proof of me gaining any knowledge and I think that is a good reminder to myself to balance my life better for my future.

On the same track, I did not manage to write a science post this August. Shame.

Most of the time, that I could remember, which I spent in August, were meet ups. I think I really need to know where to put my priority now. In order to neutralize the energy-draining socializing activities, I pumped in more nap time to energize myself. Hence, it was a reduction of time, from both sides!

This past month, was a classic example of short-term happiness. Yes, I do feel happy and awesome along the month, but at the end of the day I will ask myself ‘What had I done?’. I shall plan my life as such that I will equilibrate my short-term happiness and long-term happiness.

I will end my post thus far. Wake me up, when September ends.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Cover: Body in a Box by City and Colour

I know of people who thought of death as a jinx. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t say I am fearless towards the unknown as well, but that is not a reason to not talk about it. It is because I know life could be uncertain that I appreciate each and every moment of my existence.

However, this post is not about philosophy. I simply find the song nice and the chords are okay, so I made a cover out of it. Before that, let me share a quote:

After all, to the well-organised mind,death is but the next great adventure.

– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


my sister lives on the mantelpiece: warm and sad story


When I bought this book, I never thought this will be the book that bawls my eyes out just as how I did when I read The Prince’s Tale in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher is definitely not a cannonades of vocabulary or flowery languages. It is a simple storytelling, from a boy’s perspective.

Jamie stays with his father and sister, Jas. Jas’ twin sister, Rose, was killed in a terrorist attack years back, leaving a family broken since. From what was read, it is known that the relationship between his parents languished, ended up with a divorce where his mother went on with another man from a support group. His father was rather alcoholic at times and may have ignored his responsibility sometimes, as a father. Jas was undergoing her teenage phase, wanting to walk out of Rose’s shadow. The whole family was struggling, his mother simply went on. And there was a hostile sense from his father, against Muslims due to the misperception by most of the world. The story slowly developed when Jamie made a friend, Sunya, who is a Muslim.

The storyline talked a lot from Jamie’s thought. He saw what made the family members’ heart ache, even though his character could not understand. But through the expressive gesture, readers could feel the pain biting parts and parts of the family, as though of an intention of crumbling it down. Jamie was too young when Rose passed away, causing him difficulties to understand what was others going through. But near the end of the story, he experienced lost and he finally cried. I find this honest.

In the end, the family decided to take measures to move on and let go. They are not the perfect kind of perfect people, but they would want to try to continue their life in another way.

If I were to tell you the synopsis at all, you wouldn’t feel the intensity – just like how I didn’t thought of it much after reading some reviews. It was when I read every line of the words, the emotions, the honesty, that made me feel so much.

So, I definitely recommend this book – but please don’t read it when you’re depressed, for real.

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