Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Awesome August?

Is my August awesome?

I would like to say ‘pretty much so’, but that might not be entirely precise. My august must have been imbued with too much fun that it slipped through so quickly. That is, to the extend that I think I had too much fun and did nothing much in terms of important stuff. I can say I have been reading, studying or whatever – but there are no proof of me gaining any knowledge and I think that is a good reminder to myself to balance my life better for my future.

On the same track, I did not manage to write a science post this August. Shame.

Most of the time, that I could remember, which I spent in August, were meet ups. I think I really need to know where to put my priority now. In order to neutralize the energy-draining socializing activities, I pumped in more nap time to energize myself. Hence, it was a reduction of time, from both sides!

This past month, was a classic example of short-term happiness. Yes, I do feel happy and awesome along the month, but at the end of the day I will ask myself ‘What had I done?’. I shall plan my life as such that I will equilibrate my short-term happiness and long-term happiness.

I will end my post thus far. Wake me up, when September ends.

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