Friday, September 20, 2013

Mooncake Festival

Yesterday was the official day for mooncake festival, but celebrations I attended were way before that…

Earlier of the lunar month, I shared some mooncakes with colleagues to celebrate such festives with the group. It is a social thing, but turned out to be a platform for me to learn about different mooncakes and food, as it always does. We had tea, which is so traditional.

The volleyball team had another ‘mooncake under the moon’ session the day before yesterday. We had it on a volleyball court, with snacks and mooncakes and one zhu long bing per person, like the photo below. It was nice, because that was so casual. I left the zhu long bing until yesterday for consumption, just to celebrate it right on that day.

Afterall, zhu long bing was the only mooncake I eat when I was a kid.

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