Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hello everyone,

It is almost ten days since October started and most people singing 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' by Green Day, realizing we are now stepping into the last quarter of the year. In most of the Harry Potter books, this is the month when the signs and symptoms of an adventure is starting to escalate, trolls and Triwizard Tournament. And this is my time to remind myself of a month has passed and another is coming.

September, was a great month.

I regret to say I haven't post much about Science or any other things. But that was not a regret nonetheless. In fact, thanks to the sorrow I wallowed the month before, I was more aware of my own progress and worked well to keep myself on track. I finished Quiet by Susan Cain and just completed Spillover by David Quammen, late last night. I definitely spend time reading more article to get myself equipped. So, I am rather pleased of myself. 

But let not these things slow me down as I know more effort is needed as I journey through mountains and oceans, some served as challenge, guidance, reminder and any elements that is needed to mould me. If final product is a statue, I am merely a cut out stone, waiting to be roughly carved, then structured, then detailed, then painted, then seasoned. It is a long way to go.

I get to go out with friends but not as overwhelmingly unhealthy as I was scared of. I think I pretty much start to get a hang of balancing things out. I even went for a beach volleyball session which turned out to be rather relaxing. I could never imagine I had another chance to swim in the sea, and there I was - swimming in the sea. 

I do spend more on food now that I think I should take care of my health instead of putting too much pressure on saving. Don't get me wrong, saving is important, but not to the extend of compromising my health and current quality of life. 

And that's all. I conclude I had a satisfied September and is looking forward to all that is unfolding in October!

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