Thursday, November 28, 2013

Movember November

So, let’s get back on the track of telling what I was blessed with this new chapter of my life. Ex-colleagues/friends/folks/peasants/whatever – I truly have no idea what should I call them, but they’re a bunch of nice people whom I don’t mind spending portion of my time with. We had a late celebration, which really blushes me because I didn’t think my birthday worth a special celebration for real.

And since I have been popping around their office playing pranks or pasting moustaches on cats calendars, I got one of my own masterpiece back on my card. I guess that’s how karma works, haha!

No matter how, for some strange reason, I received a lot of pink stuff this birthday. I secretly have some rebellious friends huh? And yes, they picked a pink card and tried decorating my name in pink. I am okay with this pink though. Plus, the interior was actually nice shade of blue.

Most of all, I like how I am crowned as the King Mouse-Bear here, being served tea by a lady bug and also a twittering bird bringing in the teapot. It sounds like a place as peaceful as the Shire. Sorry for losing myself into my imagination for a while…

And, of course, the essential part of this card is the messages. They were lovely and nice and funny. I was smiling all the way as I read them – even though they’re not essays… Thanks, mate!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who!

Happy Birthday, Doctor! Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who! (Supposed to be 23/11/2013)

Watched the 50th anniversary special, but not going to put that in here. In this one, I would like to write about my appreciation to a show who accompanied my journey for a few years and many more to come.

I would never have seen this coming, few years back, when I was so curious about this Doctor Who show that was mentioned so fervently on the internet. I was (and still) then a Potterhead. Someone was fangirling over David Tennant’s Barty Crouch Jr. character and I obviously has not a single clue. So when I first started to have a look at this show, it was Planet of the Dead. Surprisingly, I like the sciency part of it and I decided perhaps this show is something worth watching, never prepared of how big this thing was!

My life, certainly, has been changed in one way or another by things I learned from the show. Many fans focused on the friendship and companionship that was exhibited flawlessly in the show. I have to say I learned a bit of that part. However, I was intrigued, more on the philosophy part of the show. It gives me a way to look at my life. And I am terribly grateful for that opportunity. It was not just about the plot, but the work behind the scenes, that attracted me.

I used to be a person who thought movie or TV were rubbish. In my opinion, they served nothing but entertainment. But as I grew up, I realized how wrong I had been. Learning to extract the essence from these media, is an acquired taste, I would say. You won’t get it until one day you finally experience it and things are never the same again.

I am not a fan who will queue hours to buy the ticket, who will dress up as a Dalek during a comic-con, or who will write tonnes and tonnes of fan fiction over the character I liked (if I ever have), but I experience Doctor Who in a way that perhaps no one else has. Everyone has their own Doctor Who story anyway.

So, I would like to hereby thanks Doctor Who for such a great experience and looking forward to more of it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Science of Doctor Who with Professor Brian Cox

So since I’ve recently watched the televised programme, The Science of Doctor Who, in which Professor Brian Cox gave in the Royal Institution lecture hall. I wrote about it in my science blog since it is something to do with that discipline. Here is the video for your entertainment:

Young Black Jack

So, one of these days, I went back to re-read the Black Jack Surgeon’s manga and remembered of this movie which I watched quite a few years back. Conveniently, I managed to find youtube videos of it. You know it is difficult to get foreign film in your local store when it is not really popular? But anyway, I hope the link will work just fine (at least they are as of now). In this movie, it is about Burakku Jakku – which was Kuro’o Hazama (in manga) but Tokio Hazama in the movie. The background story of BlackJack has also changed: instead of being bombed to pieces by some abandoned bomb, it was a terrorist bomb attack. In this story, his mother was not totally dead. And of course, his hair was not white until the very last part of the story. His house was adapted into an underground place instead of the manga’s hilltop house. But well, the story set when he was in his 6th year in medical school, so it would make sense that he was not settling at the hilltop yet. Okay, I think I said too much on the plot, so I am posting the links here…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lovely Card from Friends

So the first card I received for my birthday was actually from Zhuangli and Stephanie, during the eating session in Marché. They were very kind because they even asked me about my birthday like months ago. And they asked if I needed anything. I would like to know what I need because I can’t think of anything that I really need or want, so in the end I just asked for a slice of fresh cream cake, big enough to be shared by the three of us. In the end we didn’t actually found that cake, but everything was perfect enough. I enjoyed a brunch that I wouldn’t have gotten myself, with company and this very lovely card. It is very special because it is handmade by recycling material. It’s a cereal box actually, with all the stickers and random stuff. It felt like a scrapbook, haha. And, of course, the usual ‘essays’ that is the result of graduating from university, an ability you gather along the education.

One good thing about this card is that I can hang it on my wall too! It is now among all the wallpapers in my room, next to the balloon.

A Warm Pinky Birthday from Boatmates

What was the difference that happened to my birthday along the years, was that from having my birthday celebrated by my family, it was celebrated by schoolmates, then hall friends and then when my fellow boatmates (some of them) came to Singapore due to several reasons, I get to celebrate my birthday with them again! We used to do things like handmade birthday billboard, or funny surprises. There was once they did a birthday celebration right under my nose, in my house with the excuse of ‘passing notes to me’. This time, it was coupled with a Marché outing with Stephanie and Zhuangli and we went for SEA Aquarium (using the free tickets!).

What I was given was this alien-like creature that turned out to be a piggy bank wrapped inside these gloves. Looked pretty cute, with or without the glove – even though it’s not my usual m.o. to use pink. I am slotting coins in that owl nowadays. They knew owls are one of my favourite animal – hipster much!

Besides, I was given these books. They were so Parisian. They got me so many different sizes because ‘they don’t know which one I’ll need’. How thoughtful of them. I will be making full use of them in future. I’m still using my exercise book for logs, but I can do small notes in these.

Moreover, all these goodies were wrapped in this rather sweet pink. I like this one because it is partly blue and looked cartoon-ish. Not sure if I get to bring this out, but really thanks a lot for the gifts. These were surprises given that I didn’t expect any gift since I didn’t need any actually. It’s a bonus, haha.

Little Amelia Pond

Since it has been quite some time since I update my art. This one is drew really long time ago. I was wondering how to draw red hair. This is apparently a bad example but at least a practice that make sense and could improve my sensitivity to colours.

Little Amelia Pond (My Version) by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Four Fingers and Vietnamese Noodle

Saturday, I was very honoured to be accompanied by Shiny who actually worked half day and came all the way to Orchard to watch Ender’s Game with me. Other than the movie, we get to try on Four Fingers as our lunch. The queue was preposterous, as what I’ve heard from my peers. I ordered the combo meal of wings and drumettes while she ordered one-drumstick-three-wings combo meals.

And we posed with the food, with me trying to exhibit the four-finger, in my own way. That’s a bit of pseudo-Spock. Haha!

The food was quite good. It was not the usual fried chicken and I ordered soy garlic. It was a bit too salty, from my perspective, but tasty. According to Shiny, this is the kind of fried chicken they sell in Korea. I had seaweed fries, which was quite good too. I would say the chicken is the main attraction.


Later, after the movie, we had a go in the food court and I tried this Vietnamese Cold Noodle Salad. It was quite nice, given that you are used to the Vietnamese food smell of course. They have this very special sauce that almost gave every dish taste. This particularly was actually accompanied by BBQ chicken, which I finished up too fast.

A Preview: The Day of the Doctor

So here is a preview on ‘The Day of the Doctor’ on BBC Children in Need 2013. Obviously I didn’t watch it on the TV because I don’t have one. I watched it through this same Youtube. I’m sure you should hold your steps just here if you don’t want any spoilers, otherwise, forward.

So in this, we get a glimpse of Eleventh with his fez, his most recent companion Clara and also some interesting scenes on a painting. It has been quite a lot of paintings introduced into the trailers, hasn’t it? Well, there will be Queen Elizabeth I and they certainly don’t have an Instagram yet, so painting was (and still is, in my opinion) the in thing. Near the end, you get to watch Tenth with the fez, though. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Meet with Ernest Zacharevic


On the 22nd of October, Michelle and I planned to try our luck in meeting Ernest Zacharevic, in which our registrations were rejected due to overwhelming response. But because we were still encouraged to meet him, we decided to pop by and see how it goes. So, after having a short swim, I rushed to meet Michelle and walked to Pisang Lane, a lane next to Penang Lane (or some sort). It was an event organized by amcasia.

Turned out that they still have seats available and we were only ten minutes late for the talk. So we stepped in. Michelle was too busy looking at the pictures, while I almost noticed the food the first thing I entered the room. Sorry, speaker.

But anyway, the presentation consists of Ernest Zacharevic sharing his views on his arts and inspiration. In case you have no idea, he is the first few artist who made the Penang Georgetown street art, which Carmen and I fervently tracked down months ago.

It was interesting to know how he did fine art and went into street art. It was something very different from me. He enjoys interaction with audience through art and expressions. Me, however, is not very open with expressing outwardly. To paint a painting on a wall, for me, is like exposing my inner world to the public (as though putting them on Internet made any difference, haha). But yea, I guess I haven’t meet the zen of doing street art for I only did that few wall-painting things in my life so far.

I liked how he accepted and rejoice in the impermanence of street art. They get vandalized, fade away, painted over… For him, it is not really a big tragedy. And that makes me think that’s how we always looked at our life. We can do great things or have great moments, and they are not always permanent. What’s important is that it happened, and you know it’s true.

I never thought I would learn anything interesting from the talk except looking at art, but I guess I learn something about life through it as well. Not to mention, I do enjoy the food after the talk, and witness beer flowing from a tap. I know, I’m really that hermit.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Whovember, Here I Come!

I know it’s just the start of November, but I am too excited for this month will feature the return of Doctor Who series, particularly the 50th anniversary episodes with eleventh doctor regenerating into twelfth, on 23 November 2013!

But of course, that is future. I should write down what happened in October, not November. Blimey!

This month was filled with barbeques. Thanks to one of the member leaving to Scotland, some of the people missed him so much that we must have more than the usual amount of gathering. I was of course happy because of the food, haha!

I finished the book Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It was a great read. And wrote about some research on treatment for Ebola virus.

I started my October with a non-paid commissioned request for drawing something. It was a great experience, even though that comes with a certain amount of pressure. Drawing with certain guidelines is afterall not the same as a freestyle drawing. For that, I learned a lot about discipline. And today, I met the person and the comment was ‘It was great, it actually captured what we wanna show’. I was pretty happy that at least it is not as bad as I imagined. I am grateful for that experience and trust.

Not just that, I was able to find a reader for my previous writing work and get some good critic. That is not exactly a work of October, but happened in October. I felt so lucky to be able to listen to useful words.

I get to have a chance with meeting Ernest Zacharevic, the Georgetown Street Artist, thanks to Michelle’s persistence. It was a great meet and an eye-opener.

I ended my last four days of October being stuck in the Singapore Red Cross Association, not because I was forced (thankfully). And after some revision of what we learned from secondary school and some revised policy and techniques, I am now a certified occupational first aider, CPR and AED operator. I am not entirely experienced, but that’s not the reason why I should lessen my effort in giving out help.

Other than that, October went pretty eventful.

Not just that, I started November with a blast too!

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